Tip of the Sword

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"Tip of the Sword"
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  • Lyshan System
  • Bajoran System
  • Deep Space Nine
  • Gul Tukar commits suicide
  • Lieutenant Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez promoted to Commander
Ships Involved:
Arc: Season 1 - Humble Beginnings (1 of 3)
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After the USS Nakatomi is commissioned she is ordered to investigate and capture a Cardassian Gul bent on destroying the alliance between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. With a senior staff nearly comprised of Dominion War veterans and a Commanding Officer with a dark secret everything is on the line in this mission and the Commanding Officer and his senior staff know it.


The USS Nakatomi finds itself to be the first Ronin-class starship to serve in the Eleventh fleet serving under Task Force 44, but her orders will not come from the Commanders of the fleet. After completing trials the ship is assigned to help in what becomes known as the Cardassian Crisis by Intelligence Department Director Rear Admiral Trevor Oliver. Losing their Executive Officer early on and with a Commander who has a serious issue with pain medicine the ship goes off on a chase to the Lyshan System where the Cardassian attack fleet is located. A brief battle takes place before the Cardassian ships flee the system leaving a surprise in their wake. The USS Enterprise now under the command of Captain Worf has been severely damaged, and a Gil who is the second in command of Gul Tukar is captured.

The engineering staff helps repair the ship while the crew lick their wounds and the Gil is interrogated for further information, and the information is a shock. The Cardassian ships have moved on to their final plans of attacking and capturing Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran system along with the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Running out of time the Nakatomi races to the Bajoran system in time to find the three ships preparing for an attack, but are stopped by the Nakatomi and the crew. A battle unfolds in space while a marine unit boards the ship holding their primary target Gul Tukar who is responsible for the entire crisis. When the dust from the battle settles Gul Tukar laid dead having taken his own life and one ship was completely destroyed.

The mission comes to a close with the Nakatomi docking at Deep Space Nine in order to make minor repairs and give the crew some much needed rest after being awake for more than two days. It also ends with the Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Counselor plotting to attempt to assist their Commanding Officer because they feel he is in distress.

Memorable Quotes

"So I've been transferred back to a starship I take it?"
"Yes Lieutenant. Think of this as an opportunity to grow and expand who you are. Besides you are aware that I know about your hunt for your mum and dad right?"
- Lieutenant J'Kodran & Rear Admiral Jacob Hart

"You will never understand how worthless the Federation is, and that is a sad fact that I will not handle. I will not face the judgment of your Federation or my own people who are too blind and ignorant to understand what I hope to achieve." - Gul Tukar

Background Information

  • Early concept of Tip of the Sword did not involve the USS Enterprise or Captain Worf, but the Gamemaster thought it would be a nice surprise for the crew of his sim as many of them are TNG fans and watched the movie Generations. Also because the series themselves each passed the torch by having a guest star from another series in it at some point it seemed like a sound option.
  • The name Tip of the Sword is derived from the belief that Ronin class starships were some of the first fully designed warships, and since the Nakatomi is the first official Ronin in the fleet it would be good starting mission.

Guest Appearances

  • Captain Worf who passes the torch from the Enterprise-E to the Nakatomi.
  • Rear Admiral Trevor Oliver who was one of the biggest supporters of Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez because he felt that the Commander deserved more than what he had been given due to his injuries in combat situations during the war.