USS Glenn

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USS Glenn
Technical Details
Class: Wildcat-class
Registry: NCC-90369
Role: Medium Cruiser
Status: Active
Task Force: [[Task Force Task Force 11]]
Task Force CO: {{TFTask Force 11CO}}
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Blackcat
Executive Officer: Commander Grace Kelly
Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Lytham Reinhart
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The USS Glenn is unique in that it combines the Star Trek genre common throughout Pegasus Fleet with the horror genre. This unusual combination makes for a common theme through the ship's missios, and allows for enemies other than the common star trek fare.

Present Mission: Blue Moon Rising

On an agricultural planet not far from Cait, the crew of the Glenn are sent to investigate what appears to be sabotage of equipment and attacks on people.

Ship's History

Originally commissioned as the USS Tsunami in August of 2372 at Utopia Planetia, and assigned to the 9th fleet under Captain Blackcat. The then Tsunami built a bloodied history for itself, with extreme turnovers in crew. The ship was retired to the Jovian scrapyards after a mission to Jarea Prime which left the ship heavily damaged. The Captain at the time was moved into the JAG division, from which he later retired.

The Ship was repaired at the scrapyards, and the decision was made to re-commission the ship under a new name to escape the reputation of her previous service. It was assigned to Captain Loren Putski and the 11th fleet for a time before he went missing during a mission, captured by enemy forces. Circumstance had it that the retired then Rear Admiral Blackcat was on the same planet where the abduction had taken place, and he was asked to take over command of the USS Glenn, with his commission restored at the rank of Captain, to which he acceded, since despite his retirement, troubles of the type he had been in before seemed to be catching up to him. He first realized that this was indeed the Tsunami when he noticed the badly patched claw marks over the bed in his quarters.


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