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Iluvar is currently an active member of the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet community, making his third period of involvement since the community's founding in October 2009. In that time, he has held a handful of active playing characters, three active non-playing staff characters, and several non-playing characters throughout the Eleventh "Pegasus Fleet. This player is most noted for his service as Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer (2009-2010), Argonaut Task Group Commanding Officer (2011-2012), and Commanding Officer of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle (2011-2012). He currently holds one active playing character within the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet in the form of Ensign Gregory Mason, Chief Science Officer of the Intrepid-class USS Highlander.

Player History

In the Beginning (2009 - 2010)

The user known as "Iluvar" is considered to be one of the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet community's founding members. He first joined the community in October 2009 at the invitation of the first Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer, then-Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez, as Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer with his character Rear Admiral Benjamin Edwards. Iluvar was instrumental in helping lay down a foundation for the community's specifications database which has since been much improved upon by subsequent Directors of Research & Development. In addition to community-level administrative responsibilities, Iluvar also served as Executive Officer of the Sovereign-class USS Endeavour with the character of then-Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson.

Early 2010 brought about a series of changes in Iluvar's personal life which began affecting his availability when it came to community responsibilities. Iluvar came to believe his role as Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer and Executive Officer of the USS Endeavour both required and deserved more dedication that he found himself able to provide at the time. In an attempt to put the needs of the community before his own, Iluvar chose to step down from his position as Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer before later withdrawing from the USS Endeavour simulation as well.

A New Dawn (2011 - 2012)

Despite having withdrawn from active service in the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet community, Iluvar continued to maintain a presence through semi-regular visits to both the fleet forums as well as the fleet chatrooms. He eventually returned to Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet in the spring of 2011 with hopes of bringing to life an idea for a new simulation. A petition was brought to the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty which soon saw the appointment of then-Commander Mark Anderson to command the USS Eagle, the fleet's very first Sentinel-class starship. The character of Mark Anderson was soon joined by the addition of then-Lieutenant JG Michael Watters as Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Endeavour, then-Lieutenant Andrew Sheppard, MD as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Vesta, and Professor Eldred Skyler, PhD of the Galactic Anthropology Committee, bringing the character base up to three Active Playing Characters and one Protected Non-Playing Staff Character.

February 2012 saw another difficult period of transition for Iluvar in the form of increasing demands upon his time from both real life and the simming world. These demands began affecting his ability to keep up with the various commitments he had made within the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet community and eventually led him to feel he was not able to continue commanding the USS Eagle in an effective manner. Although he officially resigned his position as Commanding Officer on 16 February 2012, he continued to serve in the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet aboard the USS Endeavour and USS Vesta through March of that year. Once again, Iluvar found it increasingly difficult to devote the time and dedication he believed his fellow simmers deserved, leading him to withdraw from active participation in the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet community for a second time.

Third Time's the Charm (2014 - Present)

A major shift in Iluvar's involvement within the greater online Star Trek role-playing community occurred in January 2014 when he officially withdrew from all participation in the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet community. Iluvar felt he had long surpassed the point where administrative responsibility had completely overtaken his love for the art of simming and creative writing. While he did not want to abandon Star Trek role-playing entirely, Iluvar was certain he needed an opportunity to serve aboard a simulation somewhere in a simple capacity while he re-charged his batteries and started looking at where he saw himself going for the future. One such opportunity arose in the form of an invitation to serve as Chief Science Officer aboard the Intrepid-class USS Highlander. So it was that Iluvar went through the effort of creating an entirely new character, Ensign Gregory Mason, and set his sights upon returning to the very heart of creative writing.

Current Characters

Playing Characters
Chief Science Officer T-o1.png Ensign Gregory Mason USS Highlander
Staff Characters
Protected Non-Player Characters
For more characters, see User:Iluvar/Characters

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