Aria Marger

Aria Marger
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Physical Description

1.65 meters


55 kilograms





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Eagle


Chief Counselor

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Aria Marger is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as the chief counselor of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle.

Physical Appearance

Aria is a confident woman and it shows. She is not exceptionally beautifull but she doesnt need it. When she walks into a room she gets noticed. Aria smiles quickly and is curious about allmost everything. You will often see her walking up to meet new people or gazing on a PADD with something interesting written on it.

Aria normally wears her hair up, nice and tidy. When her locks hang down they are wavy if not curly. She is small, 1.65 meters and has a normal posture. She hates wearing thick make up so she looks very natural but she knows what to wear for any occasion. She is often remarked as elegant.


General Overview

Aria is confident in her own actions and even if she is not, she acts confident. She has learned that from her mother who was a speaker for the great houses on Betazet. She is very spontanious and likes to chat to everyone. You might think she is naive because she is not shy to tell about herself but then you are wrong. Small things she will tell but her true worries are hidden deeply within her.

Aria hates fights and irritations between people she would allways try to resolve an argument but will never use force to stop someone.

She likes to hear peoples stories and tries to help them with their problems personal or material. Her friends say she is very kind and has a warm personality. She is deeply in love with Taban and she would do almost anything for his happiness.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Aria has a strong personality and really wants to help people. She is very good at it too. She has a clear mind and can think outside the box. She is kind, helpful and curious.

Aria has some problems understanding and dealing with agressive behavior and destructive natures. If a fight will break out she wouldn't know what to do.

Sometimes she is to conviced that she is right and will not budge on the subject.

Aria is too curious sometimes and that has gotten her into minor trouble. And she pushes herself to much at times putting others first until the point she completely forgets herself.


She wanted to get away from the life on Betazed and never stop searching for ways to satisfy her curiousity and insterests, she wants to learn everything about the new people and races she meets.

Taban's proposel made Aria think of her own family. Most of all she just want to be happy together with Taban.

Hobbies & Interests

Aria likes cooking she followed a special course while she was in the acadamy to learn special dishes from across the universe. She knows that people talk more freely over a meal and has used it many times that way. She likes talking and chatting, watching plays and stories. Aria likes to listnen to music but she never learned to play an instrumen. Aria also likes to hear poetry. To keep herself fit she practises Yoga and Tai Chi, the last she picked up at Taban's recommendation.

Lately a new interest has captivated her: Her pet Yula. Yula is een Emeraldien Shade cat. Aria wants to learn everything about her and spends hours playing and teaching Yula things.


Father: Talmus Marger-Grasun
Mother: Manthana Marger
Sister(s): Mameta, Nixandra, Krixia (all older then Aria)
Other Family: some nieces and cousins, her grandmother Matrhoni


Aria Marger is the 4th daughter of her family her mother Mathana was famous for her speeches to the great houses of Betazed. Her father practically raised Aria on his own because of the busy schedule her mother had. Her mother was also more involved with her other sisters especially the oldest one Mameta. Mameta followed in her mothers footsteps after the dominion war ended. Aria's father was her biggest fan and he loves her with everything he has in him, they also can sense each other from a very long distance. He stimulated her to follow her own dreams.

When the dominion troubles were starting Mathana (Aria's mother) called a friend on earth. The whole extended family went to earth and not a moment to soon. A few days later Betazed was occupied but the family was safe. Aria never wanted to know what horrors exactly happened back home, but the results were undeniable. The family moved back to Betazed as soon it was safe. Much was destroyed but the family was not without resources and began rebuilding their home with the help of the many friends they had. Their family also helped rebuild the homes of many others, this made her family rise in importance. Betazed had changed forever, and for everyone it was a difficult time. Some people resented Aria for not having been there to suffer with them, but Aria is thankful for not having been put through that ordeal.

Her time on earth made Aria very curious about other races and cultures. When Aria got a little older she felt she was not needed back home and decided to enroll into the Starfleet academy. Aria had always been curious about other species and races. She also liked the idea of traveling between the stars. Seeing things other people in the federation had never seen before appealed to her unlike anything back on Betazed. Her mother was disappointed that she didn’t also follow in her footsteps but her father was very proud and kept her mother from interfering with Aria's dreams. It was normally mother that made the decisions inn the household, but Talmus would not budge on the subject of his youngest daughters happiness. Any problem that would discourage Aria in her way of finding her own path was after that countered with the feeling she was supported and her dad believed in her, even if no one else did.

In the academy Aria had great difficulty with the destructive and aggressive nature of some individuals. One time a big fight between four students broke out, and Aria was so upset she ran outside and started crying until a friend noticed her and went with her to a Betazoid teacher. He explained to her not everyone could be peaceful all the time and that even when fights occurred that it was seldom so bad that the ones who fought could not be reasoned with afterward.

She was a real people person however and she was quickly drawn in by the medical department. She chose this side of the academy because of her love for helping people. She didn’t feel any pull with engineering or fighting.

Aria worked hard and got good grades. She also enrolled in a cooking class to learn dishes from various home-worlds and she began hosting dinner party’s to her friends. Her friends always were glad to get an invitation and she soon became famous for it and was asked to prepare the food for the party’s of others as well. Aria loved the attention and the compliments she always got by it. Aria had a lot of friends but except for a few flings no serious relationships. In the various career choices she could pick from the medical education she was receiving she found that counseling appealed to her most. Although she didn't understand some disruptive natures just yet, that fact pushed her to find a way so she could. She finds talking about peoples reasons for doing what they do immensely interesting and making people happy most fore filing.

When she was assigned to the USS Schweitzer she was overwhelmed at first. it was a very big medical ship and very busy. But her mentor Doctor Braun helped her learn the inns and outs of the real counseling job. which was very different then the academy. Doctor Braun was a medical brain specialist besides being a counselor. And always challenged Aria to learn more and do better. She did great and got noticed by her superiors. She got the offer to have her own counseling department on the Edison which was a relatively small ship. Aria took it without hesitation. She was sad to leave her mentor and friends but happy to take on the care of a whole new crew on a whole new ship.

On the Edison she made friends quickly but was sometimes dumped into the deep end and forced to swim immediately on the fact of running a department, no matter how small. She kept the crew happy until the dramatic leave of the captain and the decommission of the ship. She still keeps in touch with friends from the ship even if they have not seen each other face to face in years. She learned a lot about herself and even more about the job.

On one of the missions Aria saved a creature from the planet Emerald. She named it Yula and its now her pet and lives in her quarters. Aria and Yula are best buddies now and Yula is very protective of her, but learning to accept other crew-members. Aria recently got promoted to Lieutenant JG.

The news came sudden and the transfer was quick. Aria was a proud member of the crew of USS Anubis. Her stay on the USS Anubis was a brief one because in their first mission the captain had left for mysterious personal medical reasons and the USS Anubis was decommissioned.

Aria who knew Taban from the Galahad and had been having a crush on him for some time grabbed her chance for love before the decommission. Aria although a Betazoid had difficulty reading into Taban's personal feelings because he buried them so deeply. They had been very good friends for ages but she had been afraid to take the next step. One evening when the senior personnel was invited to a Gala party on a Station something happened that would change their both lives. Aria had been mingling in the crowd as she encountered a very drunk rear admiral. The admiral had been drinking so much because the Captain of their ship had turned him down rather brusquely, and he was now trying to forget her by drinking and flirting with everything in sight. Including Aria. Aria, could see how troubled he was and instead of mocking the Admiral like almost everyone else she took pity on him and gave herself the task of bringing him to his quarters. She was grateful when Taban stepped in to help her with that. During the walk the rear admiral vomited all over Aria's beautiful crimson dress, but she didn’t give up. After they had put him to bed and she had left a note for him Taban offered she could shower at his temporary quarters because they were much closer by then hers. Gladly taking the offer she cleaned herself. She had no uniform or clothes so using her towel to cover herself up she stepped out of the bathroom. There she noticed Taban could not even look at her. They talked as then she realized Taban did really feel the same way about her. She opened her arms and her hearth to him, creating the beginning of a bond between the two.

Aria was reassigned to the USS Galahad. A brand new ship with brand new opportunities. ON the Galahad Aria made a lot of new friend and was often a bridge between two halves of the crew. It was much larger then the other ships but not nearly as big as the hospital ship. She and Taban had stayed together and on a beautiful evening while having shore leave Taban proposed to Aria, she accepted and is now his fiancee. Which means she is also the crown princess to be, for the ECON on earth. It was then they realized Aria's mother was less then pleased to hear the news. Her mother being conservative resented the fact that Taban was not a Betazoid and she would preferred Aria to marry the person she had selected for her when she was born. Aria has never even met this man and hates her mother for being so stubborn.

In the middle of preparations for the official announcement of their engagement the news came a transfer was available. Aria didn't like leaving many friends behind but Taban liked to go and Aria followed

Service Record

  • 2387 Transfer to USS Eagle
  • 2386 Transfer to USS Galahad
  • 2386 transfer to USS Anubis
  • 2386 promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2386 lieutenant (jg) | Enstated as Chief counselor on the USS Edison.
  • 2381 ensign | counselor on the USS Schweitzer
  • 2380 senior cadet | Starfleet academy
  • 2379 junior cadet | Starfleet academy
  • 2378 Sophomore | Starfleet academy
  • 2377 Freshman | Starfleet academy