Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Affiliation: Federation
Higher Rank: Chief Engineering Officer
Lower Rank: Engineering Officer, Communications Specialist, Computer Systems Specialist, Damage Control Specialist, Matter/Energy Systems Specialist, Propulsion Specialist, Structural/Environmental Systems Specialist
Command: Assistant Department Head
Known Assistant Chief Engineering Officers: Aurora Foster, USS Endeavour
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The Assistant Chief Engineer assists the Chief Engineer in the daily work; in issues regarding mechanical, administrative matters and coordinating repairs with other departments. Because of this, the Assistant Chief Engineer needs to be among the most familiar with the operation of Starfleet vessels, both starships, starbases, shuttlecraft, and starfighters.

If so required, the Assistant Chief Engineer must be able to take over as Chief Engineer, and thus must be versed in current information regarding the ship or facility. This includes, but is not limited to: basic specs of the location in question, any experimental projects ongoing which may effect the overall function of the facility, and 'quirks' or 'gremlins' that the vessel may have.