Caymen Greener

Caymen Greener
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Commander Caymen Greener is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Sinnan.

General Information

Thin yet slightly muscular, Caymen stands tall and upright. His posture denotes that he is stern and confident, but not arrogant. He has a grey beard which is kept trim.

Very stable and dedicated to Starfleet, Caymen seemed to have been born to lead. It came naturally to him as a young lad, and has prevailed throughout his career.

As the years pass by, Caymen seems to gain the respect of peers and enemies alike. His undying passion for peace and non-chaos drives him like nothing else.

Caymen speaks in a gruff tone, mostly due to age at this point. He was always a very direct and deliberate person, confident in his own decisions and in following orders, even if they happened seconds before he spoke or acted. But he is formal in most discussions, and yet doesn’t beat around the bush. Even in his diplomatic roles he was always straight forward and sometimes blunt. But that attitude has served him well.



Born to Akmen and Sabyl Greener in 2331, who both died at an early age, Caymen went into the Academy at age 16 and graduated as a Helmsman in 2347. He was still saddened by the loss of his family – having none left – but he quickly learned that the Federation was his family now, and that was something he quite liked.

While on Starbase T’Plana Hath which was nearby the planet Xatria, Caymen became close to the people there, given a Federation colony was started and Caymen served as the go-between for several years. He met a Xatrian woman named Gwen, whom he eventually married. But not long into their marriage, Gwen was killed during a Maquis kidnapping mission. The small rogue Maquis contingent payed for this death with their own lives, even though Caymen wanted to bring them to justice in the Federation or on Xatria.

He was thrust into command aboard the USS Vanguard and then the USS Endeavor, both destroyed under his command. He began to wonder if he was bad at commanding vessels, but knew that this was the cost of being in Starfleet. It was a fast career – 13 years from Ensign to Captain – but it was hard sought and well earned.

Caymen, having retired after serving in a diplomatic capacity for a while, was suddenly called back into service.


Greener has served on many ships and in many capacities, but it was Helm and Operations, along with a desire for command, that drove his career – pun intended. He was a gifted pilot and systems operator, and was also a great tactical advisor it would seem. His fervent studies as a child and at the academy paid off as he quickly rose to an Acting CO stint on his second ship in less than 10 years of graduation.

And following this stint, he was given his first command – the Endeavor, one of many ships to carry that name. This was a battle cruiser, and one that would earn its stripes if it ever could. There was a war, a small war, breaking out under Greener’s command. He and his crew would fight Species 8472 for many years, culminating in a high-stakes battle. The ship would be lost, but the enemy’s mother ship would be destroyed. The end of that almost-five-year tour was the end of an era for Caymen, but not the end of his career.

Greener was given more of a desk job, although he still left the confines of the station to which he was assigned. He would command Starbase T’Plana Hath, including several attached vessels. This would be a multi-tasking, highly-strategic role, and would introduce him to more diplomatic situations than before. He would also meet his wife during this time… and unfortunately lose her all the same. The Maquis were avenged eventually, but that never cured that loss. Only time and continued duty could and would help him. And he was the stronger for it.

He could have been promoted into the admiralty after a few years on the station. Instead, he chose a civilian role. He still had links to Starfleet through the diplomatic corps, but he took on the role of Ambassador for the Federation. Given his kinship with several Romulans, and his work with the RSE, he was assigned to the Romulans, still based out of T’Plana Hath. There he worked feverishly to mend the Federation and Romulan relations. The two institutions had so much to gain from each other, and yet they could never quite figure out how to make it work. It would turn out that the destruction of a planet would do the trick… long into his retirement.

When he retired, he did so willingly and gladly. Of course he missed the action and the servitude. But Caymen was glad to take a rest, back on his now-homeworld of Xatria, in a cabin in the woods. He stayed in touch with his former comrades in the Federation and Starfleet – being retired didn’t mean he didn’t keep a subspace beacon handy. But it was a good life, and not once did he look back up at those stars hoping to get back. He was fine on the ground.

Service Record

(2347-2350) USS Defiance-A, Helm & Chief Pilot [Promoted to LtJG]

(2350-2353) USS Vanguard, Helm and Second Officer [Prov Lt, then Lt]

(2353-2360) USS Vanguard, Acting XO, Acting CO at the very end [Prov LtCmdr, then LtCmdr, then Cmdr]

(2360-2364) USS Endeavor, First full command [Capt] – the ship was lost during what was called the 8472 War

(2364-2370) Starbase T’Plana Hath near Xatria, [Capt] – Aries Colony, the USS Adventure, the USS August, and a few docked vessels were under his command at the station. He refused the rank of Commodore in lieu of his next stint as ambassador.

(2370-2381) Became a Romulan ambassador, as well as a consular to the sovereign planet of Xatria. He was still based out of T’Plana Hath, even though it was farther from Romulan space than other stations.

(2381-2390) Caymen eventually retired in 2381 to a home in the mountains and forest of Xatria, on land given to him by Gwen’s father.

(2390-2392) Almost 9 years later, Caymen was called to duty again, back to the dregs of the diplomatic corps of the Federation. It seemed the old man’s skills were needed on this new turmoil brewing with the Romulans and Klingons.

(2392-Present) Greener was asked to be recommissioned by Starfleet [CMDR], with a new experimental scout and recon ship, the USS Sinnan.