"Episode 1.2 - Disturbance"
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March 4 - April 30, 2387


En Route to Tholian Border



Ships Involved:

USS Eagle

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As the newly commissioned USS Eagle sets out for the Tholian Border, a nearly two month trip at high warp, the crew takes advantage of the time to become better acquainted with one another and with the ship itself. It isn't long before minor disturbances begin cropping up across seemingly unrelated systems. Attempts to trace these disturbances to their source leads the crew to discover that they may not be alone...

Mission Summary

The Sentinel-class USS Eagle departed from McKinley Station bound for the Eleventh Fleet Patrol Zone on 4 March 2387 with orders to assume responsibility for patrol along the Tholian Border. It was expected her crew would continue to settle in aboard their new home and make use of the time familiarizing themselves with the ship's systems, spending time in the holodeck, or interacting with their shipmates. Several new members of the ship's senior staff were welcomed aboard en route including Lieutenant JG Drake Lexon (Chief Security/Tactical Officer) and Lieutenant JG Mark Wensing (Chief Engineering Officer. To many, it seemed as if things would continue to run smoothly as the Eagle proceeded toward her destination unhindered.

Unbeknownst to the crew of the Eagle, a small alien observation craft entered the ship's warp field as they were passing the Tenjares Cluster. It's presence begins to cause a few seemingly unrelated fluctuations which appear to be affecting mostly minor ship's systems. Although this does not initially draw much attention from the Eagle's crew, the fluctuations soon become more frequent and pronounced until they can no longer be ignored.

As the situation continues to escalate, Commander Mark Anderson must face the very real possibility of delaying their arrival at the Tholian Border by altering course for Starbase 47, where they would be able to more thoroughly examine the issue. The crew continues to struggle in their efforts to find an explanation for the system failures that are occurring seemingly at random throughout the ship. Ensign Marshall Doering (NPC), a junior member of the Eagle's operations department, quickly finds himself bearing the responsibility of dealing with these issues as they arise while simultaneously working with the engineering department in an attempt to track down the source of their troubles. A briefing of the senior staff is held to determine their next course of action where it is determined the issues could be the result of interference from outside the ship itself. It is not long after that they discover the alien observation craft which has been riding along in the Eagle's wake.

Having been discovered and confronted by the crew of the Eagle, the alien observers determine they will no longer be able to derive accurate data from their observations when their subjects are aware of their presence. The observation craft departs and the Eagle is able to continue unimpeded. By the time the Eagle finally reaches its assigned patrol along the Tholian Border, the crew has managed to work out the remaining systems issues and is ready to take on their new assignment.