Mark Wensing

Basic information

Mark Wensing is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as the chief engineering officer of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle.

Physical Description

Mark is described as being tall, dark, and handsome. Due to his experiences during the Dominion conflict, he has had several bumps and bruises and is even missing a few organs which have later been augmented with artificial replacements.


General Overview

A bit closed off, Mark tends to dislike speaking and would rather meet his problems head on, with a tendency to take action rather than wait for a solution to appear. He is also highly protective of his privacy and tends to keep people at arm’s length.

Betazoid Abilities

Though quite a capable empathy, Mark hasn’t really shown any signs of using such abilities. However, most of the people he has served with have observed what could be considered a sixth sense for trouble.


Spouse: Lieutenant Jane Exeter (KIA - Earth Starfleet Security, Breen Assault)
Father: Jan Wensing (Systems Engineer)
Mother: Illiani Betra-Wensing (Federation Colony Administrator, New Holland)
Brother: Lieutenant JG Trusus Wensing (KIA - USS Tolstoy, Wolf 359)


Mark Wensing was born on a small Federation colony known as New Holland. The colony had a long-standing reputation as a sort of haven for engineers and inventors. His father, a native descendant of one of the first to colonize the planet, met Mark’s mother during a celebration of the founding of the colony. Eventually, a mutual attraction and understanding developed between them. After a year, they both got married and were soon blessed with the birth of twins. The twins were named Trusus and Mark after their grandfathers. Both were identical to one another and, as half-Betazoids, were connected to each other on a deeper level. It if hadn’t been for their mother, both boys would have gone without verbal communication for possibly decades.

They soon became well-known for their mischief on the small planet. What one sibling started, the other one finished. Both were quite clever, but eventually started to form their own destinies when they reached puberty. Mark joined the colony security force and Trusus left New Holland to join Starfleet at age 17.

Mark, much like his father, showed a knack for fixing things while in the security force and was eventually assigned as an engineer on the planet. Trusus showed aptitude as a science officer and soon joined the USS Tolstoy after graduation. He later died during the Battle of Wolf 359 which caused Mark to suffer a complete breakdown. Mark ended up spending two years off-planet as an engineer/mercenary on several ships in hopes of either finding his brother or getting away from his problem. Eventually, he met his future wife who managed to calm him down and the two returned to his home to receive his parents’ blessing for marriage. They married and he spent some time on the colony as an assistant to his father. His wife, by then a graduate from the Academy, was also assigned to the colony for a while.

Deciding that spending his time fixing replicators and atmospheric controls wasn’t something he really liked, Mark decided to join Starfleet for himself. He signed up at age 25 and enlisted as a security crewman. He eventually rose up through the ranks and, by the age of 27, was a CPO on Betazed responsible for overseeing the out-dated defense systems.

When the Dominion War began, he was quickly reassigned to the Tenth Fleet, which he found very much like the defense system…a rag-tag fleet being held together by the skill and expertise of the engineers. He barely survived the invasion and subsequent battle of his mother’s home planet.

While en route to Earth, the second blow came to him. The Breen had attacked Earth and his wife, whom he hadn’t seen since the beginning of the war, was killed during the assault by the Breen. He spent the rest of the Dominion War on the frontline as a security officer, refusing two battlefield commissions. After the war, he was assigned to the penal colony of New Zealand as an engineer in hopes it might aid him in recovering from obvious psychological damage.

After many years of recovering from the deaths of his wife and twin brother, he was reassigned to a small Nova-class vessel with the rank of Warrant Officer and the position of Assistant Chief Engineer. He quickly showed he was quite able and was eventually ordered to report to Starfleet Academy to earn his commission. Deciding that both his wife and brother had been good officers and realizing that he owed it to them, he accepted the assignment and enrolled at the Academy at age 35. He graduated in the top five percentile of his class and was quickly reassigned to the USS Virtue as Chief Engineer.

During his time aboard the USS Virtue, he quickly made a bond with his captain and also spent some time as second officer as well as frequently accompanying away team missions. The Virtue was an old Miranda-class ship and, by 2385, was decommissioned, leaving Mark waiting for a posting. His old captain moved up in rank to that of admiral and commanding officer of Starbase G-41.

An expert in small vessel operations, he was quickly assigned as a designer on small, escort-type vessels at Utopia Planetia, spending his time updating the older vessel types still in active service and assisting in the development of new escort-type vessels.

After a while he asked to be reassigned to an active posting as chief engineer.

Service Record

  • 2370 Enrolled Enlisted crewman
  • 2373 CPO Tenth Fleet/Betazed
  • 2375 CPO Penal Colony New Zealand
  • 2378 WO1 USS-Tarawa, Asst. CEO
  • 2380-2383 Starfleet academy
  • 2383 Ensign, CEO, USS-Virtue
  • 2385 LtJG, CEO/2nd, USS-Virtue
  • 2385 LtJG, Designer, Utopia Planetia
  • 2387 LtJG, CEO, USS-Eagle