Jovi Varela

Jovi Varela
Biographical Information

Pacifica Colony






2347 (41)

Physical Description



132 lbs.


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet


Pegasus Fleet Admiralty


Former Academy Commandant

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User:Jovi Varela

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Commodore Jovi Varela is a Federation Starfleet officer having recently served as the second Commandant of the Eleventh Fleet's division of Starfleet Academy.

Physical Description

Jovi is a slender woman yet with some muscle tone to indicate that she does take part in some sort of physical exercise or sports. She had dark brown hair that falls straight to about shoulder length and medium brown eyes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jovi is a quiet and reserved individual who is very happy in a peaceful living environment. Her strong internal sense of duty leads her to present a serious air about her which pushes through her motivation to complete her tasks. She tends to be extremely organized and methodical in her approach which generally makes her success in any endeavor that she undertakes. Miss Varela is extremely dependable on following through things which she has promised. For this reason, she often gets more work offered to her and has received much recognition from her peers. She is never comfortable with breaking rules, but can sometimes be found bending them if it is in the best interests of the situation and parties. Her offbeat sense of humor can be a lot of fun, especially in the company of family and colleagues. Because of Jovi's honesty and integrity, she is found to be a good friend and many often confides in her.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Organized and Methodical + Caring and Honest + Dependable and Hardworking

- Tunnel vision - Too serious - Compulsive


Jovi's greatest ambition is to see her students push through their goals and succeed in life.

Hobbies & Interests

Reading, Jogging, Camping, Volunteering, Dinner with friends


Federation Standard, Vulcan, Bajoran, limited Klingon


Father: Richard Desala (I)
Mother: Neena Desala (nee Milone)
Brother: Richard (II)
Sisters: Nian, Adria
Spouse: Carson Varela


Jovi was born in the year 2347 to her loving father Richard and mother Neena on Pacifica Colony. Both of Jovi’s parents worked, which was a major contributor to her gaining a sense of being a hard working person in her adult life. Jovi’s father was the Chief Intelligence Officer of the colony, while her mother was the Chief Engineering Officer. Due to their positions and placements, the intensity of the work that had to be done by them was low, however the quantity of the work had to be extremely high, and so Jovi grew up in an atmosphere of emotionally and mentally sound, but barely existent parents.

During Jovi’s pre-teen years, she was able to spend more and more time following her parents around while they worked, and she found herself learning more about their jobs than she would’ve otherwise liked. Her parents rarely worked closely together, which in hindsight was probably the best thing so as to keep them in their stable relationship. This was another thing learned that Jovi would use later in life. Watching her father work, Jovi was able to pick up skills such as speaking to people in very eloquent terms and using a vast array of non-Starfleet types of technology for unofficial purposes. While with her mother, Jovi learned hands-on about working with gizmos and gadgets, and being able to perform necessary repairs and upgrades of systems around the colony.

Now into Jovi’s teenage years of life, her skills with conventional and unconventional technologies and systems was vastly impressive. This was known to her so much so that her next pursuits lay elsewhere…in the heart. On Pacifica Colony, there wasn’t much in the way of eligible candidates for matters of love, however in Jovi’s case, she was in luck. There was one such a person, named Carson Varela. Carson was the eye candy of Jovi’s sisters most of the time. Her sisters had the good looks and charisma that was required to court a member of the opposite sex, and so Jovi’s heart was regrettably not satisfied during her teenage years.

Due to her not being able to spend more time socializing with people that she would’ve liked the opportunity to, she decided to spend more time thinking and preparing herself for her career track. Combining both of her parents livelihoods into one, Jovi decided to pursue a career with Starfleet in the Operations department. At the age of 18, Jovi left Pacifica Colony for Starfleet on Earth. The trip itself wasn’t a large one, and nothing eventful happened to distract her from her admission into the Academy. She left home with the full support of her family, although not all members having the same reason for support in the first place.

After having arrived at Starfleet Academy, Jovi entered the Operations program, one of Starfleet’s most popular programs and began her studies. She didn’t begin to make many friends for the time being, and so she spent most of her time in the libraries and holodecks training and honing her skills. She did this so often, that as can be expected, an Instructor of hers incidentally caught her doing so much extra work. The Instructor was very fond of Jovi’s dedication to her duties that the Instructor offered her a job as Boatswain as a Summer job between semesters at the Academy working on the USS Stalwart (Excelsior class). The ship itself was only used for cargo runs between the Sol and Centauri systems, and so it was well within range of a student’s commute. This went on for the total four years that Jovi spent at Starfleet Academy.

Upon graduation, Jovi’s life changed for the better. The same Instructor who installed her as Boatswain then was given a command of his own, the USS Kronos (Nova class). Jovi was offered a quick position as the ship’s Operations officer at the rank of Ensign. She gratefully accepted the offer, and thus her own career in Starfleet had officially begun. During her tenure aboard the Kronos, Jovi had the opportunity to put everything she had learned, either from theory or experience, and put it into practice. The ship ran smoothly thanks to her efforts, and because of the Commanding Officer’s past knowledge of her abilities, she was recommended for another position on another ship in Starfleet.

Jovi now found herself onboard the USS Shackleton (Intrepid class) as Assistant Chief Operations Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. It was here that Jovi was now finally able to shine without any sort of safety net. During a routine foreign aid mission, the ship had somehow become sabotaged from within and it was up to the Operations department to fix vital systems before the ship was vulnerable to attack from opposing parties. Using her father’s skill set, Jovi swung quickly into action using a set of different tools to repair the ship’s sensors and shield systems before it was too late. Never before had she had to use such tools, and she was glad that she now had the opportunity. This unique act bought her another promotion, both in rank and position, albeit with another posting.

Later on, Jovi was transferred by Starfleet to become Chief Operations Officer of the USS Powell (Akira class) with the rank of full Lieutenant. This posting was made all the more voluptuous for Jovi in that she was a member of the ship’s senior staff, and so now she could take credit for her subordinates work. Considering that she was raised by an Intelligence Officer father, such actions weren’t beneath her at all. She still believed that honesty was the best policy, however she was cunning enough now to know when something would best benefit her. And such an opportunity arose when one of her subordinates found a new way to re-program the ship’s lateral sensor array for longer range without diminishing the signal strength. It was a mediocre breakthrough in technology, with Jovi capitalized on. Luckily, the ship’s Commanding Officer wasn’t too bright when Jovi gave her report. The Commanding Officer didn’t ask where the upgrade came from, only that Jovi was physically there reporting on the so-called miracle. And so, Jovi was rewarded for her alleged efforts, but she didn’t leave the Powell before promoting and rightfully rewarding her subordinate to the maximum level that she could.

After that dramatic calamity, it was decided that Jovi be transferred yet again to the USS Snowdon (Nebula class) and be promoted to Lieutenant Commander as well as the ship’s Second Officer. It was now that Jovi’s childhood crush fell back into her life. As it would seem, Carson also had pursued a career in Starfleet, but in the Medical track. Carson was the Chief Medical Officer of the Snowdon with the equal rank of Lieutenant Commander. Carson admitted finally that his true love was Jovi, and that all the attention he gave to Jovi’s sisters wasn’t authentic. They both fell in love right then and there and soon after, a marriage took place on the ship between both officers. Due to time constraints of her personal life, the only real career-related accomplishment that Jovi’s finalized was the completion of the Bridge Officer’s Exam.

After so much felicitations, Carson and Jovi Varela were both transferred off away onto the USS Anaconda (Defiant class). Carson was still Chief Medical Officer while Jovi was now the Executive Officer, with the rank of full Commander. It was clear now that Jovi was the one who wore the pants in the relationship, not that it mattered in the slightest. Both were happily married and the small ship provided some much needed closeness for both during the infancy of their relationship. An event would soon happen that would put Jovi’s love for Carson to the test. A mutagen released by a corpse being examined in Sickbay started affecting various crewmembers of the ship, most in close proximity to Sickbay. The ship’s Commanding Officer was also affected, and so command decision were left for Jovi to make. Carson had been behind a force field the whole time performing his experiments to find a treatment for the disease on the ship, while the Emergency Medical Hologram actually treated patients. Before long, the ship’s main power systems failed due to cosmic rays, and so the EMH went offline. Jovi was faced with having to order her husband to treat the diseased without a force field. With extreme hesitation, and pressure from whatever was left on the bridge of her senior staff, Jovi made that decision and it was carried out, with the result of mission accomplished. However, the price was all too great. Carson was left infertile due to the incident, and so the couple could no longer have children of their own, if they were considering it at all.

Once the dust had cleared, Starfleet saw fit to give Jovi a command of her own. She was transferred to the USS Praxis (Luna class) with the rank of Captain as Commanding Officer. Her first course of action, upon arriving there with her husband was to immediately promote him to full Commander. The spunk of their relationship gone, both officers decided that they’d make their respective careers to be their surrogate children. It was the best that they could do, and both husband and wife were well taken care of because of that decision. Nothing of note happened during their tenures aboard the Praxis, and it was just as well - you don’t put children through traumatic experiences. Still, Jovi had a little spark left in her to show that her command skills were superior amongst the average Commanding Officers in Starfleet. It can’t be said that she was extraordinary, but she was indeed above average. Due to that, her career path would take a turn in a way that she could never have anticipated.

For several good years of commanding the Praxis like the good and unassuming Starfleet officer that she was, Jovi was offered the most prestigious position of the Eleventh Fleet’s (Pegasus Fleet) Academy Commandant with the rank of Commodore. Jovi accepted the offer and she now resides on Cestus III Colony, much akin to her former home on Pacific Colony where she lives a good life with her husband, who is now the Dean of Medicine at the Academy. As it turned out, Jovi’s first job of Boatswain came in real handy for acquiring the position, and doing so well at it for the whole time she has been there. Stay Tuned…

Service Record

  • 2365-2369: Starfleet Academy - Cadet; USS Stalwart - Boatswain
  • 2369-2372: USS Kronos - Operations Officer - Ensign
  • 2372-2375: USS Shackleton - Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant JG
  • 2375-2378: USS Powell - Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant
  • 2378-2381: USS Snowdon - COO/2XO - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2381-2384: USS Anaconda - Executive Officer - Commander
  • 2384-2387: USS Praxis - Commanding Officer - Captain
  • 2387-2388: Pegasus Fleet Academy - Commandant - Commodore