Krim Lawliet

Krim Lawliet
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November 5th, 2342 (46)

Physical Description



183 lbs.


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet


Pegasus Fleet Academy


Former Academy Vice-Commandant

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Captain Krim Lawliet is a Federation Starfleet officer having recently served as Vice-Commandant of the Eleventh Fleet's division of Starfleet Academy.

Physical Description

Krim appears to be quite the average build. But underneath that, is a person well trained for Martial Arts. Krim has many scars on various parts of his body as a result of being bullied throughout his entire childhood. Krim looks presentable at best.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Krim is very easy-going and doesn't respond well to threats. By that, Krim doesn't really do much of anything. Apathy is the closest thing to which can describe him. He prefers to do things in awkward ways and tries his best to stay clear of protocol and tradition. Krim's history in diplomacy has made him to be one of the most weird officers to work with.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Krim is very adept when it comes to problem solving. He tends to surprise even his own Commanding Officers when he's given an assignment.

Krim is very compassionate, even towards his enemies. When he is confronted by violence, he takes it. When his friends resort to violence, even to protect Krim, he tries to stop them at all costs, even if it means getting hurt himself in the process.


Krim wants to find out exactly what happened to his parents and what became of that nurse, whom he now loves.

Hobbies & Interests

Krim likes architecture, history, science, and art. He spends his time with computers and eating chocolate. He is also a fencer.


Federation Basic and El-Aurian.


Father: Michael Lawliet
Mother: Naomi Lawliet
Other: Sora Lawliet


Krim was born on Earth on November 5th in the year 2342 to his parents Micheal and Naomi. Right at the beginning of his new life, Krim's parents were called away on an important mission elsewhere and Krim was without a care-giver. Not long after, it was decided that Krim would be placed under the care of an orphanage until the time came for him to attend Starfleet Academy.

During his childhood, Krim faced the usual challenges of being the one who was the target of bullies. But instead of striking out like one would expect of a child, Krim took the harassment until the bullies left him alone. The orphanage's nurse always took great care when giving medical care to him. She felt sorry for Krim like most adults did and what was worse, nobody did anything about it.

It was with the nurse, that Krim felt the best of his childhood. He was always asking questions and making sure that she knew he existed. Even though Krim was a child, it would appear that this was a small case of Florence Nightingale Effect.

It was during his teenage years that Krim would develop his personality eccentricities. He would most always be in his room reading for most of the time, or constructing things with common household supplies. The objects he would create would range from castles to ships, both sea and starships. And as always, the bullies would come around and destroy all his work. Even then, he didn't mind too much; it was always in the creation of things that interested Krim, not the glory afterwards.

At the age of 18, Krim's closest confidant, the nurse saw one of Krim's creations and immediately endorsed him for entrance into Starfleet Academy.

Once at the Academy Krim did well on his studies. Always the Academic, Krim didn't spend much time with extra-curricular activities, but always participated in school functions and social events. To Krim, it was all research. It was during this time, that his conversational skills drastically improved.

One day, Krim was approached by one of the professors and asked him if he was interested in taking some Diplomatic courses that were newly available. Without hesitation, Krim accepted the offer and went into Diplomatic training.

His teachers were satisfied with his progress in these courses. Krim learned quite a lot and with his rare insight, he passed his other courses in due time.

During all of his classes, Krim was always thinking of that nurse and did everything he could to not let her down and fail. It was her inspiration that Krim would give credit for passing the Academy 4 years later.

Immediately after graduation, Krim was assigned to Lunaport as their Diplomatic Corpsman. Oddly enough, Krim chose not to be promoted until he could show his true colours without the assistance of his Instructors. During his time there, Krim met many people including some of the high officials of Starfleet. Often, Krim would be seen talking with those select few who wanted nothing more than a good conversation away from the bureaucratic rabble they were used to. Even though Krim continued to learn many things here, he also did run into some awkward trouble. During one of the conferences held here quite often, Krim was incriminated in conspiracy against the Federation via reading classified documents. Though charges were dropped the next day when it was actually a Ferengi entrepreneur who was found guilty of the crime, Krim did spend a night in the Brig. Soon after, it was requested that Krim be transferred away from Lunaport because of the embarrassing incident.

After that ordeal, it was decided that Krim be promoted to Ensign. Having chosen Alpha Centauri Colony as his next destination, Krim had launched his career at long last. Here, Krim was a Diplomatic Officer assigned to look after all the arrangements of high ranking officials. Some, he knew from Lunaport and they would talk about how things were there and what happened after he left. Apparently nothing too extravagant happened... During his time here, Krim was tasked to serve as the paralegal to the few lawyers present. For a while, Krim acted as a prosecutor and managed to get a few criminals convicted of minor crimes. Still, he was serving the Federation well. It did get dull after a while, so Krim was off to his next destination.

What Krim wanted was some excitement, and he could look no further than Outpost 241. After being promoted for his fine service to Lieutenant JG, Krim wound up in the most high traffic area he could think of. Here, Krim was assigned to be the voice for the Starbase and organize the place. Both were difficult tasks in themselves as the Outpost was a busy place. There was always the odd time when Krim would say the wrong thing or file something incorrectly, but he always managed to sort things out in the end. Soon, the Outpost was neatly organized and the Press was appeased for now; Krim had accomplished his goal. This would lead to Krim's next assignment.

Starfleet, having bore witness to Krim's performance on Outpost 241, then transferred him to Starbase Obsidian to work as Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. They also thrust another promotion upon his record, granting him the rank of Lieutenant. Krim worked here in almost full capacity as the current Chief Diplomatic Officer was always off world performing various negotiations and brokering peace treaties. It wasn't until one of those events turned bad as an assassination attempt was unleashed. From official records recovered, it was clear that the proposals put forth by the Chief Diplomatic Officer were rejected by an almost unknown and very hostile race. Krim did his best to manoeuvre this potentially disastrous situation by doing something that all Diplomats would fear doing, severing diplomatic relations with the species. It ultimately worked out, but the opportunity to explore something new was lost, so Krim was transferred away from Starbase Obsidian. It remains to be seen if this was done out of discipline or mental health leave.

Oddly enough, Krim's actions earned him another promotion to Lieutenant Commander. It seemed that Starfleet knew that Krim was developing command attributes, a very likely outcome of being a Diplomat for so many years. During this time, Krim ended up on Station Dante and was assigned as the Chief Diplomatic Officer of the facility. Apparently, there were many mining accidents happening and there was no information available to explain these occurrences. Rather than initiating an investigation of events, Krim began work to bring all the families up to speed on the progress of finding these missing miners. Krim also helped alleviate media concerns of the situation by releasing what information he could. Suffice to say, Federation pressure was minimalized and Krim helped in restoring Station Dante's reputation as a productive mining facilty.

After his successful efforts in restoring Starfleet's image, it was decided to give Krim another chance at trying to sort out Starbase Obsidian. He was given the full rank of Commander to aid him in this process. Once he arrived, he discovered that the place was kept in good shape, even without a Chief Diplomatic Officer present to keep things in order. Apparently, the horrors of war still lingered in the place and Starfleet was in no position, or mood rather to begin stirring things up again. But not all his time there was quiet. During the last month of his time there, the same species which was cut off from diplomatic relations, returned. They wanted the trade embargos lifted and ratification of the orders which Starfleet laid out clearly about their expulsion from the Federation trade routes. Needless to say, the end result would not have been in Starfleet's best interests, so it was decided to bring back the species into the Federation. However, because of Krim and another diplomatic officer's cunning abilities, the treaties that were signed by both parties gave majority favour to the Federation, thus considering a victory without war.

Now, upon recognition of his services to Starfleet, Krim was promoted finally to Captain. However, since Starbase Obsidian's Commanding Officer was of the same rank, Krim was not allowed to continue his work here. Starfleet granted him the position of Vice-Commandant of the Eleventh Fleet's Academy. Krim accepted the position and is now serving there with distinction.

Service Record

  • 2360-2364 Starfleet Academy, Earth
  • 2364-2367 Cadet, Diplomatic Corpsman, Lunaport, Luna
  • 2367-2370 Ensign, Diplomatic Officer, Alpha Centauri Colony, Alpha Centauri
  • 2370-2374 Lieutenant JG, Media Relations & Records Officer, Outpost 241
  • 2374-2377 Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, Starbase Obsidian
  • 2377-2380 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Station Dante
  • 2380-2384 Commander, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Starbase Obsidian
  • 2384-2387. Captain, Vice-Commandant, Pegasus Fleet Academy