M'Learrea Furukawa

M'Learrea Furukawa, PC
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M'Learrea Furukawa is a human/Klingon Starfleet officer in the Eleventh Fleet, also known as Pegasus Fleet.

Physical Description

a tall, rather curvy figured Klingon hybrd. Long dark brown hair that is usually partially pinned up. A bit more human-esque than most klingons, but still very klingon in apprearance.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

M'Learrea or 'Mel' as some officers have come to call her, is stuck between worlds. She does her best to embrace her Klingon heritage and the Japanese background that she was raised in. never completely at home in either; but happy to bury herself in her work. Very gentle and kind natured, but with a fiery klingon side to contend with. Has a tendency to push the limits, if she feels the situation calls for it.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A Highly charged and passionate person. Can be very dedicated, but it can border on obsession. Highly compassionate, but can let it get in the way of her work. Withdrawn around most people until she gets 'comfortable' in the situatuation; but can be detatched at times. has a tendency to become too involved, push the limits and usuallt that is when tempers fray.

Where friends and colleagues are concerned she is highly loyal.


She has a big ambition to become a CMO; one that is able to intergrate both Starfleet standard and alternative treatments. She does want to eventaully settle down and there is the possibility of children; but her choice in mate could be either a help or a big hindrnace to that particular ambition.

Hobbies & Interests

M'Learrea's hobbies include reading, swimming, gardening (tending to her Bonsai is a peronal favourite) and her pursuit of the Klingon martial arts.

She has an interest in the history and culture of both her klingon heritage and her Japanese upbringing. She has an interst in music and meditation

one of her favourite holo-programs is a replica of a Japanese hot spring.


Klingon, Japanese, Federation Standard (English)



  • Unknown (Klingon)


  • Sakura Furukawa


  • LCdr Striker

Other Family As the identity of her father remains unknown a lot of her family history is a mystery. The majority of her mother's family turned their back on her for her decisions to be with a klingon


M'Learrea has been a child of two worlds and never totally comfortable in either. Raised in japan from a young age; she tried to embrace both sides of her life in a 'Yin and Yang' approach, this has, and always will be, a work in progress

Her mother taught her a lot about alternative medicine and a more spiritual way of life. She does embrace her temper and the 'warrior' side of her, especially when she has to 'get things done' She is a VERY patient person but there is a typical klingon temper waiting at the end of it like a time bomb.

M'Learrea has a Par'Ma Kai (of sorts); he is a starfleet officer on the command fast track. The only downside to this is that currently it has M'Learrea and Striker serving on different ships. He is a strong, mysterious and handsome man; tall and proud. He is someone M'Learrea has known since the 'late' academy days and feels at her safest around.

M'Learrea is one who never truly lets her guard down; except around her close friends, those she feels comfortable to truly be herself around. Those are a truly select few, including Striker.

Service Record

She graduated the acadmey with her MD with minors in counselling, psycology, alternative medicine and peadiatrics.

She took up a posting as part of the Starfleet emergency relief teams based on Earth.

her first deep space posting was as the AMO at Starbase 12.

USS Roosevelt - CMO

USS Washington - ACMO/CCouns