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Mitchell Hall
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Starbase 519


Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

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Kurt Keller

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Ensign Mitch Hall is a noted Starfleet officer, and engineer serving in the latter half of the 24th century. The highlight of his career is his assignment as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer of Starbase 519.


Mitch was born Mitchell John Hall on April 4th, 2367 in Trinidad, California to Commander John "Jack" Aaron Hall Jr. and Jane Eliza Fleming Hall. Growing up having two Star Fleet officers as parents was not easy for Mitch. For one thing it was difficult for him to make friends moving from starship to starship. Also his parent's work schedule left little time for him. Mitch often found himself alone. As such, Mitch was a very shy child growing up, something that he now tries to forget.

Mitch Hall at the age of 5
The year 2372 brought new changes to Mitch's life not only had he started school, but in less than a year the Dominion war would brake out. In 2375 with the outbreak of war between the Federation Alliance made up of the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire and the Dominion. In to protect their children, Mitch's parents sent him to live with his grandparents on Earth. It was through this experience that allowed Mitch to grow a close relationship with his aunt, Carolyne. She was more of an older sister to him than an aunt because of their close ages.

Three years later, Mitch and had family felt their world come crashing down around them. For in 2375 the Breen attacked Earth. The physical damage was extreme, whole parts of the city were destroyed, but that was not the worst of the damage. For Mitch's grandfather was killed in the attack. Jack Hall Sr. was a Federation News Correspondent who was covering the Federation Council meeting. He was killed instantly in the attack. Mitch was part of the first generation in nearly a hundred years to grow up in the mists of war.

In 2381 Mitch entered High School. Mitch tried his best to cope with the hand that life had dealt him but it was difficult. This led to some problems in his high school years. He was often combative in school and was suspended twice for starting fights, it wasn't until his sophomore year when he turned himself around. In 2383, his dad took him to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. When he was there, Mitch discovered something completely new to him, the utter silence that exists deep in the ocean. He knew at that point what he had been searching for, silence, peace.

Starfleet Career

Cadet Mitch Hall, 2387
In 2385, Mitch graduated from high school and decided to follow his family into Starfleet. By the end of that year, Mitch began his freshman year at the academy as an engineering cadet. Early in his freshman year, Mitch met his best friend Jack Lynch, who was a flight control cadet at the time. The two of them got into plenty of trouble, Jack continues to be Mitch's best friend to this day.

After years of searching, Mitch found a place to fit in. He fell in love with the service and excelled at the Academy. In 2387, during the summer between his sophomore year and his junior year, Mitch went to live on the Klingon homeworld as part of a student exchange program. He enjoyed living with the Klingons and still enjoys the Klingon culture including their cuisine.

In the middle of 2388, Mitch was offered the opportunity of a life time, to serve his senior year as a member of the engineering department on the new Federation Starbase 519 known as Starbase Pioneer. The station was a half completed Cardassian starbase located near the badlands and the strategic wormhole to the Delta Quadrant. The assignment would be an interesting one due to the fact that the Commanding Officer of the station was none other than his aunt, Carolyne.

After serving on the station for no less than two months, his parents threw him a curveball for his dad's ship was going to the Delta Quadrant for a six month deep exploration missing. The catch was that Mitch would have to take care of his now fourteen year old brother, Harrison.

Not long after being stationed on Starbase 519, Mitch became involved with a drug cartel operated by the Orion Syndicate, under the command of Massimiliano Lombardi, by becoming addicted to a drug known simply as "Milk." In exchange for immunity, Mitch agreed to become an informant for security in order to bring down the organization operating on the station.

During the operation, Mitch was discovered and brutally assaulted by Lombardi's men and left in a coma with serious injuries, including four broken ribs, a seizure, drug overdose, broken cheekbone, broken collarbone and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Based upon the information provided by Mitch, Captain Caylyn, head of station security, raided Lombardi's organization and arrested Vic Viceroy, Lombardi's lieutenant and Lombardi himself. Mitch, still in bad shape testified during Lombardi's trial.

After the trial, Mitch began the long process of healing his wounds both mentally and physically. He felt alone throughout the entire ordeal, and it took the encouragement of his friends and family to remind him that he was never alone. It was this time that restrengthened the relationship between Mitch and Carolyne. After a month of rehabilitation and therapy, Mitch returned to duty.

Captain Hall and Commander Anderson both agreed that the best thing for Mitch was to give him an assignment to sink his teeth into. That assignment was to complete half of the habitat ring, a daunting feet for the cadet. Within two weeks of hard work, the assignment was complete.

As Mitch's life finally started to go back to normal, another tragedy struck him and his family. Captain Hall received a message that Mitch's parents along with the New Orleans were missing in the Delta Quadrant. The news was not what Mitch wanted to hear, as he always had reservations about the mission. After the event, Mitch put up a front for Harrison as he knew the boy would suffer terribly.

Soon after Mitch graduated from the academy early and was promoted to Ensign. The promotion was bitter sweet. In his mind, the only way to make the situation better was to act as a father figure for his brother something that Harrison did not want (In The Beginning).

Not a week after his promotion, Mitch and the rest of the crew was met with a horror story. While working on a conduit in the old part of the command deck, Mitch discovered the corpse of a fifteen year old boy. Upon further examination it was found that the boy had been there since 2375. The event hit Mitch as he thought that the boy easily could have been his brother, ever since then he is weary at letting the boy out of his sight (Entombed In Metal).

Around two weeks after the mystery was solved, Mitch proposed to Amber and she accepted. The new month also brought more changes to Mitch's life, as his commanding officer, friend and mentor, Commander Anderson announced that he would be leaving the station and retiring from Starfleet. Also, Jack was being reassigned to the USS Endeavour to serve as her new Chief Flight Control Officer. All at once his life was changing faster than he wanted it to, and for the first time since they met would the two friends be apart.

SoghHom Mitch Hall, serving on board the IKS K'Vagh in 2388
About a week after the departure of Zeek and Jack, Mitch also received new orders, although his were different. He had been selected to become apart of the officer exchange program between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. For a month and a half he would serve as the Chief Engineer on the IKS K'Vagh (A Much Needed Rest).

Personal Life

Mitch loves to read, workout and gamble in his spare time. Mitch loves to swim, something he and his dad used to do back when he was young. He also found a love for SCUBA and snorkeling in high school. He is currently a member of the Academy dive team.

Mitch has two vices which he indulges whenever he can get the time. Of course work comes first. The first one is his love of racing. He's always loved stock car racing since he was a kid. He does amateur racing in his spare time.

Personal Relationships


Due to the fact that many member of Mitch's family are in Starfleet, they generally do not see each other very often. The last time the entire family was together was in 2375 before the death of Mitch's paternal grandfather, John Hall. John Hall was killed during the attack on Earth by the Breen in the Dominion War in that same year.

Captain Carolyne Hall

Harrison Hall

Harrison Hall, 2388
One of Mitch's closest friends is his brother Harrison. The two brothers enjoy the same things and are pretty much inseparable despite of their age difference. The two of them can often be found climbing mountains and SCUBA diving in the holosuite. Ever since Mitch's parents have gone missing in the Delta Quadrant, Mitch has become Harrison's surrogate father much to the dismay of both of them. Mitch preferred the time when he was only Harrison's brother.


Amber Elise

Ensign Amber Elise, 2388
In 2388, along with the other ninety-nine cadets, a science cadet, Amber Elise was assigned to Starbase 519. Amber was a beautiful young woman, intelligent and fiery. Around a week after arriving on the station, Amber put in a false maintenance ticket complaining of broken sonic shower, however it was a ruse to get Mitch into her quarters and face to face meeting.

Later that day, Amber and Mitch had lunch together in the promenade. Following that first date, the two of them started a romantic relationship. The two of them spent quite a bit of time together. After the arrival of Mitch's brother, Harrison, Amber helped Mitch in taking care of him. Following Mitch's run in with Lombardi's men, Amber was instrumental in Mitch's recovery and acted as a nurse maid. After Mitch's return to duty, the Mitch proposed to Amber. The two are set to tie the knot sometime in the future.


Information on friends in general

Jack Lynch

Ever since their freshman year at the academy, Mitch and Jack have been best of friends. In 2385, the two met during freshman orientation at the academy and became fast friends and roommates. The two always got into trouble at the academy, only minor offenses against Academy regulations, nothing major. The two of them always annoy each other as friends do, Mitch constantly rags and complains to Jack and Jack sexually harasses Mitch in return. The two continue to serve on Starbase 519.

Friend 2

Information on close friend 2


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2385-2386 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2386-2387 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2387-2388 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2388 Starbase 519
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2388 Starbase 519
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2388 IKS K'Vagh
SoghHom (Lieutenant JG)
Chief Engineering Officer

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Assistant Chief Engineering Officer Starbase 519
2388 – Present
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