Starfleet Ranks (Late 23rd Century)

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In the late 23rd Century, Starfleet began making radical changes to its uniform and insignia from those utilised earlier in the period. The uniforms became much more detailed and statesman-like, with a distinct difference between enlisted rates and commissioned officers, with only a marginal difference between officers and flag officers. The sleeve-based ranks were gone, and instead the rank insignia consisted of a number of detailed pips on a coloured strap over the right shoulder, the strap colour denoting the wearer's division assignment. The enlisted uniforms wore their rank pips - now much more defined than previous decades - on the lower right sleeve.

With the exception of some minor cosmetic changes to officer uniforms, including the introduction of a standard communicator pin around 2344, the uniforms and insignia of the late 23rd century would remain unchanged until approximately the year 2355.

Division Colours

Division Name Division Strap Division Name Division Strap Division Name Division Strap
Command MOVW-blank.png Engineering MOVY-blank.png Science MOVS-blank.png
Medical MOVM-blank.png Security MOVG-blank.png Special Services MOVC-blank.png
Marines MOVB-blank.png Cadets and Trainees MOVR-blank.png

Rank Pip Chart

Officer Enlisted
Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia
Fleet Admiral MOVa5.png Master Chief Petty Officer MOVe6.png
Admiral MOVa4.png Senior Chief Petty Officer MOVe5.png
Vice Admiral MOVa3.png Chief Petty Officer MOVe4.png
Rear Admiral MOVa2.png Petty Officer First Class MOVe3.png
Commodore MOVa1.png Petty Officer Second Class MOVe2.png
Captain MOVo6.png Crewman MOVe1.png
Commander MOVo5.png
Lieutenant Commander MOVo4.png
Lieutenant MOVo3.png
Lieutenant JG MOVo2.png
Ensign MOVo1.png