USS Illinois


USS Illinois
Technical Details
Class: Prometheus-class
Registry: NCC-89224
Role: Heavy Cruiser
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Ryan Lawson
Executive Officer: Cayden Byrne
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Starfleet Command felt that they needed another warship type vessel posted to the Pegasus Fleet and so the Utopia Planitia shipyards began to build the USS Illinois. While the ship was being built Starfleet Command began to search for a commanding Officer to command the new vessel and days before the completion of the Illinois they assigned Lieutenant Commander Ryan Lawson to command. Now Lawson begins to search for a able crew to send his ship to the fleet.

Crew Manifest

Character Species Rank Position
Ryan Lawson Human Male R-o5.png Commanding Officer
Cayden Byrne Human Male R-o4.png Executive Officer
Amber Lutz-Enstarr Human Female R-o3.png Chief Flight Control Officer
Jorge Nunez Human Male T-o3.png Chief Medical Officer
Raen Ardon Human Male G-o3.png Marine Commanding Officer
Maya Alonso Human Female Y-o2.png Security Officer

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