About Me

Emily Wolf is the Director of Personnel & Recruitment for Pegasus Fleet. She first joined the Fleet in 2013 as the Executive Officer of the USS Tokyo, Prometheus-class. After the USS Tokyo closed, Emily did not serve on another Pegasus Fleet until May of 2016, at which point she assumed command of the USS Tempest with her character CAPT Elizabeth Wolf. In June of 2016 she assumed the duties of the DPR with her character RADM Rachel Collins - a position and character that she holds to this day.

Outside of Pegasus Fleet, Emily serves as the Community Engagement Specialist for Anodyne Productions and as Server Administrator for the DarkMyst IRC Network. Emily also has experience in other Fleets in positions ranging from Commanding Officer to Task Force Commanding Officer.

Emily is also a web designer, and graphic artist. Most of her Nova skins have a modern and simplistic take on web design. While she is still understanding the likes of PHP and JavaScript, she has learned the ins and outs of Nova and can develop skins and mods on request. She can also complete forum signature and avatar requests.


Staff Characters
Director of Personnel & Recruitment
Rear Admiral Rachel Collins
Inactive Characters
Commanding Officer
Captain Elizabeth Wolf
Computer Systems Specialist
Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison

Staff Information

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Director of Personnel & Recruitment
June 5, 2016 (2392) - Current
OTouvelli (User)
Pegasus Fleet Admiralty
4th-in-line of succession
Hawkins (User)