Kaitlen Walford

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Basic information

Kaitlen Walford was a Starfleet Admiral within the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. She was the second Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer to hold the position.

Personal Relationships



Jules Brandson.png

Jules Martin Brandson [Ret. Starfleet Admiral] (Deceased 2373) Jules was the Fleet Commanding Officer in the Tyra System. At the beginning of the Dominion War Jules's fleet was destroyed with all hands. Admiral Brandson's flagship was the first to be destroyed.


Marsha Frances Collins [Ret. Starfleet Admiral] (Deceased 2380)


Andrew brandson.png

Andrew Brandson [Commander, Utopia Planitia - R & D] Andrew is Kaitlen's Youngest brother and the identical twin of Easton. Andrew is also an Engineer and Ship builder at Utopia Planitia.

Andrew brandson.png

Easton Brandson [Captain, USS Yellowstone] Easton is Kaitlen's Youngest brother and the identical twin of Andrew. Easton is the Commanding Officer of the USS Yellowstone currently on patrol near the edge of the Beta Quadrant.



Julia Heather Brandson Matthews [Commodore, Starfleet Command - Medical Division] Julia is Kaitlen' youngest and middle sibling. She is the Deputy Director of Starfleet Medical. She is 60 years old but doesn't really look her own age.


Spouse: [[Image: Walter Derby Walford [Civilian]


Kevin walford.png
  • Kelvin Aden Walford [Ensign, USS Britannic - Engineering Division]

  • Briana Alberta Walford [Lt. Commander, USS Vigilant - Chief Medical Officer]


In the year 2325 Kaitlen was born to Jules and Marsha Brandson. She is the eldest of three children.

Personal Life

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Starbase 51

USS Gettysburg

USS Valley Forge

Starbase 549

USS Willings

USS Tokyo

USS Magistrate

USS Istanbul

Personnel Director of 11th Fleet

In 2386 Kaitlen was approached by Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez and was asked to be the Personnel Director for Pegasus Fleet. Kaitlen accepted the position and was given the rank of Commodore. While getting used to her new position as Personnel Director Kaitlen made quite many friends within the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. During her tenure as the Director she made many guest appearances. After her first few months in the position she helped with CO promotions when the Chief of Operations was absent. She handled transfers with a breeze and never let anyone down.
In 2387 she was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. While working in her office on Cestus III a terrorist from an unknown group attacked the Personnel building and kidnapped Kaitlen as they thought she was in a position of worth within Pegasus Fleet. Kaitlen was held hostage for a period of three months and later released by her captors. After being released she contacted Admiral Sanchez and requested a Leave of Absence from the fleet until she felt well enough to return to the Fleet and continue her duties on the Admiralty panel.

Executive Officer of 11th Fleet

After Kaitlen's Brief Leave of Absence, Admiral Sanchez approached her once again and asked her if she would like to take over as Fleet Executive Officer as he was going to let the then Vice Admiral Kellin Reynolds return back to his previous rank of Captain. Kaitlen accepted the position and is currently a Mission Adviser to Captain Reynolds and his crew on the USS Eisenhower on a mission to bring back the USS Arondight from the hands of an unknown terrorist group. She was promoted to the Rank of Vice Admiral when she returned to the Admiralty.

Commanding Officer of 11th Fleet

In 2390 Kaitlen Walford was promoted to the Commanding Officer position of the 11th Fleet (known as Pegasus Fleet) after her predecessor retired. She continues in the position as strong and free willed as when she was appointed. She also currently holds the rank of Admiral after being promoted from Vice Admiral.


Admiral Kaitlen Walford died at her home on Cestus III at the age of 65. A thorough investigation into her death has found out that she was assassinated by an unknown compound to make he death look like it was natural causes.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2343 - 2347 Starfleet Academy

2348 - 2349 Starbase 51
Medical Residency 1st year

2350 -2351 USS Gettysburg
Medical Residency 2nd Year
2351 - 2356 USS Valley Forge
Medical Residency 3rd year
2356 - 2361 Starbase 549
Medical Officer
2361 - 2366 USS Willings
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2366 - 2371 USS Tokyo
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2371 -2375 USS Magistrate
Chief Medical Officer
2375 - 2381 USS Magistrate
Executive Officer
2381 - Nov 2386 USS Istanbul
Commanding Officer
Nov. 2386 - Oct 2387 PF Admiralty
Personnel Director of 11th Fleet
Oct 2387 - Jan 2389 PF Admiralty
Personnel Director of 11th Fleet
Nov 2389 - Feb 2390 PF Admiralty
Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer
Feb 2390 - Present PF Admiralty
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

Preceded by:
Admiral Roman Sanchez
Commanding Officer of Starfleet's Eleventh Fleet
Feb, 2390 – Oct, 2390
Succeeded by:
Admiral Andon ch'Rosia

Preceded by:
Vice Admiral Kellin Reynolds
Executive Officer of Starfleet's Eleventh Fleet
Nov. 2389 – Feb. 2390
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Veronica Constantine

Preceded by:
Commodore Gregor Plantis
Personnel Director of Starfleet's Eleventh Fleet
Nov. 2386 – Jan 2389
Succeeded by:
Commodore Matthew Baker