Samantha Thompson

Samantha Thompson
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Physical Description

5' 4"


95 lbs


Mousy Brown



Political Information

Federation Starfleet


USS Casey


Executive Officer



Lieutenant Commander

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Physical Description

Samantha is a lightly built women with a slender figure that catches the eyes of most men. Her Hair is shoulder length when it is out of her crisp military style hair bun, and it always has a glossy healthy look to it.

Although she is lightly built, Samantha is surprisingly strong and during Basic Training even managed to put one of her instructors in hospital during a training fight.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Samantha is a fairly laid back person when she is off duty and has been known to be a little wild. But when she is in Uniform it is a complete different matter, you will never meet anyone more serious while on duty.

Everything must be proper while she is on duty, but this doesn't stop her from making jokes, as long as its strictly professional.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Samantha is a good friend and would have made a great Counselor as she has a brilliant ability to sit and listen to people and give really meaningful advice.
  • She is a quick thinker and can come up with little strategies to get herself and a ship if necessary out of danger or into a advantage.
  • Good shot with a phaser rifle and Hand phaser respectively.
  • While off duty has been known to go out drinking and start bar brawls.
  • Can be really up her self about her rank and who she knows and etc.
  • Can act without thinking sometimes.


  • To marry the man of her dreams (but she hasn't decided which one is the man of her dreams yet) and have a couple of children.
  • To have fun.
  • Meet lots of people and become great friends.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Talking to people and helping them.
  • Drinking
  • Men
  • Shooting


Federation Basic


  • Father: Admiral James Thompson (Deceased)
  • Mother: Captain Jane Thompson (Deceased)
  • Brother(s): Commodore Darren Thompson, Commander David Thompson, Steven Thompson
  • Sister(s): None
  • Spouse: None
  • Other Family: William Thompson, Harry Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson


Samantha was born in London on the planet Earth. Unlike her brother Darren, Samantha never had any real intention or lust for joining Starfleet and following in the foot steps of her family and go into space. Her father died before she can even remember, during the Dominion War where he was 2nd in command of the 14th joint Federation Klingon fleet with the rank of Admiral, he died on the Bridge of his Ship the USS Galaway B when she was attacked while on her own on patrol, by three Cardassian cruisers. Her mother is at the rank of Captain at starfleet medical, and is 2nd in command of the Dangerous Disease and Biological weapons Unit.

When she reached her 18th Birthday Samantha decided that she would have to do something with her life and she wanted to do something exciting but she didn't want to join starfleet like the rest of her family, she wanted to brake the mold and be different. So Samantha enrolled within the Marine Corps, and applied for to join as an officer. Although she didn't know it her brother and her mother both worked hard to get her a little leverage to get a Officer position, using her fathers name (Adm James Thompson) and the name of there grandfather (Fleet Adm William Thompson).

Upon he acceptance within the Marine Corps as a Officer Cadet she started her training which to be fair was grueling, 10 mile runs with full kit and rifle, combat exercises, drill exercises the full works. Samantha done this for a whole four years until her graduation at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Upon graduation Samantha was deployed to the 13th Mobile Marine Battalion, a Tank Battalion assigned to the Earth Defense force, this was thanks to her mother who didn't want her to be deployed to a warzone, so she again pulled a few strings to keep her close to home.

But Samantha grew board and re-quested to be re-assigned to a front line unit in combat operations, although he mother fought to keep her home, Samantha's CO didn't like the idea of one of his officers being kept there against there will so he seconded her to the 90th Infantry Battalion on Kretin III, fighting against a rebel faction trying to take over the planet from the lawful government. Samantha's mother couldn't do anything top stop this as Samantha was still with the 13th, but had been sent to the Warzone on a duty related task by her present CO.

When Samantha reached the planet with a detachment of three tanks in a small troop Transport enemy fire shot the transport down behind enemy lines. Samantha instantly took command of her small force, the tanks where still operational, but where a bit battered from the landing, so she ordered her detachment to start by hitting enemy supply depots.

Samantha and her tanks where stuck behind enemy lines for a total of three weeks, always running and then fighting, running and then fighting, never resting. One day one of the tank crews sees heavy fighting over a ridge and informs Samantha, she suddenly jumps into action ordering her detachment to make full speed at the enemies rear to make a assault to brake through and back to friendly lines.

The fight that ensued was the heaviest yet a whole three hours of maneuvering and firing at the same time, Samantha's own tank was breached several times by shrapnel from shells and she even lost one of her tanks to the enemy fire. But just as hope was starting to dwindle the enemy forces started to withdraw and Federation forces started to come in at speed. To start with the leading Federation tanks opened fire on Samantha's force only seeing two smashed and battered tanks, not even able to tell what type or force they where from, and as the transponders had long ago been ripped out to make sure the enemy couldn't track them the Federation forces knew no better.

But when Samantha's tanks didn't withdraw or return fire the Marines came into range and realized that the tanks where in fact badly battered Marine tanks with the faded and Battered logo of the 13th Mobile Marine Battalion. Samantha's forces was sent immediately to the reserve forces to act as reinforcements until the repairs to her tanks where made. While repairs where being made she was called to see the Commander in Chief of the Marine Forces on the planet, one General Ross Davies. Who after reviewing the logs of the small forces crews and reviewing the black boxes, realized how much real work Samantha had pout into keeping her foce alive and a asset although they where cut off.

General Davies promoted Samantha to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and sent a official commendation to her Commanding Officer, he then placed her in command of a Composite Company (remains of other companies) of Tanks, which consisted of 14 Tanks the largest Force she had ever commanded.

Once her tanks were repaired and ready to go again Samantha's Company was re-assigned to the front line to continue the push into rebel territory. Samantha and her Company stayed on the front line for another three weeks until General Davies requested that her force be airlifted and dropped behind enemy lines and raid there supply lines.

Samantha jumped at the chance and again led this time a larger force behind enemy lines and attacked vital supply lines causing chaos and mayhem, until the enemy finally managed to track her force down. They sent a whole Mobile Battalion of 120 tanks against Samantha's one company of 14 tanks. Samantha knowing that she needed to with draw or die opted a for a fighting withdrawl, constantly fighting the enemy at every turn but running away before they could inflict any major damage.

Her company was on the run for two days until they managed to reach it back to friendly lines where a counter attack was ready to receive the enemy battalion that had shrunk in size to 80 tanks over the last two days. The counter attack that struck manged to totally decimate the enemy formation and take several prisoners. But Samantha's force didn't come out unscathed, they had lost 6 tanks while on the run, but they had manged to take out a total of 20 enemy tanks on there own.

This "Victory" as it was publicized as caused Samantha to be allied to General Davies again, and this time with another promotion and new orders. She was promoted to the rank of Marine Captain and ordered to tank the remains of her composite company back to Earth to rejoin the 13th where she was being given command of D Company which consisted of 20 tanks.

Her mother had finally managed to get her brought home to earth. The CO of the 13th had been re-assigned and Samantha's mother had manged to get the new CO to call Samantha back to Earth. Upon arrival on Earth Samantha got herself acquainted with the Company she was being given command of, but soon found it too boring to look after a peace time unit, so she prevailed on her brother Captain Darren Thompson (FA) who was now a Task Group Commanding Officer, to get her an assignment on a ship. This move would cause problems with her mum but at least her brother had more standing officially over her mum and would get er an assignment.

Within the month Samantha received Transfer orders to attend the Starfleet Academy, where she was to learn how to act as a Tactical Officer, how to manage a starships security and how to command a starship. This was only a crash course, and Samantha was put into a fourth Year class, to take part on there graduation cruise. Samantha passed out three months later and was assigned to the USS Asgard as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer and the ships Second Officer. Sam served on the Asgard for two years before she decided that the Marine Corps was her past and Starfleet was her future. Sam applied to transfer into Starfleet and was accepted within only a few weeks with the rank of Lieutenant while maintaining her position on the Asgard.

Samantha was later transferred to the USS Cassini, a Nova class science ship as the ships Executive Officer with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Samantha only last six months aboard the Cassini before requesting a transfer, she was bored to death with all the science aboard the Cassini and wanted to get back aboard a Combat oriented vessel.

Service Record

  • Entered into Marine Corps- Officer Cadet
  • Graduated from Marine Corps Academy- 2nd Lieutenant
  • Assigned 13th Mobile Marine Battalion (Earth)- 2nd Lieutenant
  • Seconded to 90th Infantry Battalion (Kretin III Warzone), in command of three tanks- 2nd Lieutenant
  • Troop Transport Carrying her and her three tanks shot down behind enemy lines, started harassing enemy supply lines and raiding behind there lines (three weeks) VICTORY
  • Manages to fight through enemy lines back to friendly lines, losing one tank VICTORY
  • Official Commendation (General Davies)
  • Promoted 1st Lieutenant
  • Composite Tank Company (Commander), in command of 14 tanks- 1st Lieutenant
  • Assigned to Reserve
  • Assigned to the front line
  • Assigned to drop behind enemy lines and harass enemy supply lines
  • Caught by enemy Mobile Battalion, consisting of 120 tanks, fighting withdrawl back to friendly lines (40 tank kills, 6 tank losses) VICTORY
  • Reaches friendly lines, friendly counter attack against pursuing enemy Mobile Battalion (Battalion destroyed) VICTORY
  • Promoted Marine Captain
  • Recalled back to 13th Mobile Marine Battalion, with Composite Company
  • D Company (Commander), Commands 20 tanks- Marine Captain
  • Assigned Starfleet Academy- Majored in Security, Tactical and Command (crash course)
  • Assigned USS Asgard, Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Second Officer- Marine Captain
  • Transfered to Starfleet - Lieutenant
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • Assigned Executive Officer USS Cassini - Lieutenant Commander