Darren Thompson

Darren Thompson
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Federation Starfleet


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Commodore Darren Thompson is a Federation Starfleet officer having recently served as the first Commandant of the Eleventh Fleet's division of Starfleet Academy.

Physical Description

Well Built but not overly muscled, Brown hair and Blue eyes. Darren has been described by many female officers a cute, Darren take great pride in keeping himself smart and presntable.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Darren loves to make jokes and mess about, but he is also known for his sudden and dramatic changes of mood, be it becoming really serious or even in a foul temper. People tend to avoid Darren when he is in a bad mood as he is likely to blow up in your face if you say the wrong thing.

But for the most part Darren is a fun, loving and caring person, who likes to be a little boystrous (playing pranks on people).

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Very good at Combat exercises
  • Good team player
  • Leader
  • Has a thing for chocolate has to have some every day
  • Is the class clown when sometimes he should be serious.


  • Become a Starship Captain (done)
  • Move up to the Admiralty

(possibly command a task force)

  • Have children

Hobbies & Interests

  • Enjoys making music using trumpet and Flute
  • Likes to run holo novels
  • He also enjoys the old fashioned type of Novels (paper) which involve reading
  • Likes to spend time with his friends


Federation Basic


  • Father: Admiral James Thompson (Deceased)
  • Mother: Captain Jane Thompson (Deceased)
  • Brother(s): Commander David Thompson, Steven Thompson
  • Sister(s): Lieutenant Commander Samantha Thompson
  • Spouse: Lieutenant Commander Alexis Toryn
  • Other Family: William Thompson, Harry Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson


Darren was born in London on planet Earth. He has always wanted to follow in the foot steps of his family and go into space, his Grandad got to the rank of fleet Admiral and commanded the 2nd Federation fleet, his father got to the rank of Admiral and was the 2nd in command of the 14th joint federation Klingon fleet in the dominion war, he died on the Bridge of his Ship the USS Galaway B when she was attacked while on her own on patrol, by three cardassian cruisers. His mother is at the rank of Captain at starfleet medical, and is 2nd in command of the Dangerous Disease and Biological weapons Unit.

He is a accomplished musician who plays the trumpet and Flute. He learnt to play his instruments when he was at school. He went to a private school in Kingston (Surrey, England) and is distantly related to the Duke of Northumberland. He Joined starfleet with his girl friend when he was 18. When he was at the Academy he trained in fighters, Communications, Engineering, Security and done a crash course in First Aid. When at the Academy he learnt to speak Vulcan. He Majored in Communications, and Flight control. He later broke up with his girl friend, she has since left starfleet.

When he graduated from the Academy he was promoted to the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Goliath as the Assistant Chief Communications Officer. He served with distinction on the Goliath, the Goliath was later disbanded and Thompson was Transferred over to the USS Ares as the Chief Flight Control Officer. He had been aboard the Ares for a very short time when the Ares received a distress call from Base Nightingale and took part in the battle to protect base Nightingale from *CENSORED* forces who where *CENSORED*. When the Ares returned back to Earth, she needed extensive repairs, due to a lack of crew on other ships the crew was dispersed throughout the fleet. Ens. Thompson at the time was offered Lieutenant Junior Grade to go and teach at Starfleet Academy.

At the outbreak of the Dominion war Darren was assigned to the USS Defender as the Fighter Squadron Commander, with a promotion to the Rank of Lieutenant. The defenders first assignment was that of a border patrol vessel, she didnt take part in any of the early major engagements, only smaller border skirmishes. But with the news that the Mine field around the Bajor wormhole was about to fall finally, Starfleet started to gather the broken remnants of there fleets to take back DS9 to stop the Dominion re-enforcement that would stream through the wormhole if they managed to open the wormhole. The Defender was assigned to the Third Galaxy wing and Darren promoted to the rank of Provisional Lieutenant Commander and given command over all of the fighters within the third Galaxy wing.

But before Starfleet could gather there full strength the fleet, news came that time was up and the Dominion where ready to start the process of bringing the field down, so the fleet was sent to stop this before it was too late. As the fleet approached DS9 a large Dominion fleet attacked the Smaller Federation fleet. Darren was ordered to take the Third Galaxy Wings Fighters along with the rest of the fleets fighters and attack the Cardassian ships in the Dominion battle lines in the hope that the Cardassians would brake ranks and chase the Fighters and thus open a whole in the Dominion fleet where the Federation fleet could punch through.

The Cardassians held firm for a while and Darren maneuvered his Squadrons around the enemy, baiting them and doing as much damage as possible, and losing a large number of his fighters before the Cardassians finally broke and chased the Federation fighters, the Federation fleet took advantage of this sudden change of events and every ship made full speed for the gap left by the Cardassians. The fleet engaged the enemy in the gap and it was a battle of huge proportions. The fight lasted for hours and by the end the Dominion forces where beaten back, but at a great loss to the Federation fleet.

During the aftermath of the battle Darren took his fighters on search of the Defender, but soon found her remains on the battle field she had been blown up in the opening minutes of the rush towards the gap in the Dominion fleet. Darren not knowing what else to do, took the his fighters back towards DS9 and landed them in the shuttle bay and assigned himself the acting Wing Commander on DS9 until he received further orders.

Darren was left at DS9 for a short while until the USS Indefatigable arrived with orders for him to transfer aboard and take over as the Chief Flight Control Officer and Second Officer. With this re-assignment Darren was given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. The Indi (as the crew called her) had a fairly uneventful time during the end of the war, She was assigned to the Fleet Protecting Earth, and no enemy ships got as far as earth at all.

After the war Darren was re-assigned to the USS Hokkaido as the Fighter Wing Commanding Officer and Second Officer of the Ship. During Darrens first mission on the Hokkaido the XO was killed and Darren was forced to give up his duties as the Fighter wing CO and take up the mantle of Being the ships XO.

During a mission to the Planet New Basra, the CO (Commander Amara Damian) was captured by enemy Forces, and Darren was forced to take command of the USS Hokkaido, and fight off Enemy boarders. Starfleet sent reinforcements and the crew of the Hokkaido assaulted the Planet. After a huge battle on the Surface of New Basra members of the Hokkaido crew managed to rescue the CO. The fight on the Hokkaido and subsequent battles on the surface was dubbed the Battle for New Basra. Once the CO was rescued Starfleet Command promoted the CO to Captain and Darren to Commander. Darren took on the position of Acting Chief Operations Officer when the Hokkaido's Chief Operations Officer left the ship, he still retained his position of Executive Officer though.

After only a few months in his new rank of Commander Darren requested a transfer to the USS Predator a Brand new Hornet class ship. Starfleet medical supported his request, due to the fact that staying on the Hokkaido was damaging his mental health, Darren was now disturbed about be on the ship that he had been tortured and seen a crewman killed before his eyes (Battle for New Basra). Starfleet Command accepted Darrens request and Darren resigned from his rank of Commander because the CO of the Predator was a Commander. Darren was given the position of Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS predator. Soon into the Predators first mission the CO was re-assigned and Darren was given Command of the Predator.

While the Predator was affecting repairs at starbase 24 after a particulary hard mission Darren enrolled on the Fleet Advocates course within the Academy. A instructor at the base instructed Darren and several other officers in Fleet Law, and how to act as a member of JAG, and as a Fleet Advocate. Upon completion of the Course Darren was entered onto the roll of Fleet Advocates.

During the Zarnac Crisis the Predator under Commander Thompson was ordered to Patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone and to try to keep an eye on them, but all didn't go to plan and the Zarnac attacked the Predator. After a successful sortie where the predator was boarded Darren managed to evade there patrols and get back to base with his command intacked as a reward for successfully getting away with the predator Darren was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of Task Group 47-B the Minutemen.

During a later Mission, A investigation to track down a notorious Serial Killer Darren was relieved of Command to attend a Court of Inquiry into the decisions he took as to how he ran the case. With meddling Admirals trying to make sure that Darren was releived of command and cashiered from the service, Darren managed to call in some favors. The Inquiry saw that yes he could have handled things better, but instead of being cashiered and removed from command as the meddling admiral wanted Darren was removed from command of his Task Group and given back command of the predator while retaining his rank of Captain. The Predator was the re-assigned to Task Force 72-C The "White Tigers". Due to his seniority Darren was given the position of Senior Ship Commanding Officer for the Task Group (Second in Command of the Task Group).

Soon after Darren taking up his post as the Senior Ship Commanding Officer of TG 72C, the Task Group Commanding Officer retired from Starfleet, leaving a vacancy for Task Group Commanding Officer. Darren was the obvious choice but another CO was also in the running for the position the Captain Darren was running against for the post had a reputation for being incompetant but he had one thing in his favour. He had friends in command. Darren knowing if he wasn't carefull he would be commanded by a incompetant Fool set about contacting his friends and using his influence. Finally the decision was made......... Darren was promoted to the position of Task Group Commanding Officer.

After serving a term as the Commanding Officer of the White Tigers Darren decided to take a early retirement with his soon to be wife Commander Alexis Toryn. Several weeks before there wedding was due to take place Darren received a request from Starfleet Command to return to active service for a mission to New Basra.

Darren accepted and was given a Captaincy and was allowed to give his Fiancee Commander Toryn Retd. the provisional rank of Commander for the mission and given the USS Ragnarok for the mission. After the mission Darren was offered the position of Starfleet Academy's Vice Commandant, this allowed him to settle down and relax a lot more than if he where a ships commanding Officer so he jumped at the opportunity. Not long afterwards Darren was approached by Vice Admiral Sanchez Commander of the newly reformed 11th Fleet and was offered a promotion to Commodore and the Position of the Fleets Academy Commandant which Darren took without a moment to consider the decision.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy
  • Promoted to Ensign
  • Appointed Asst Chief Communications Officer- USS Goliath
  • Appointed Chief Flight Control Officer- USS Ares
  • Took part in Battle at Base Nightingale, against *CENSORED*
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Appointed as an Instructor- Starfleet Academy
  • Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Appointed Fighter Squadron Commander- USS Defender
  • Promoted to Provisional Lieutenant Commander
  • Given Command of the Third Galaxy Wing's Fighter Squadrons
  • Took part in Operation Return.
  • USS Defender destroyed during Operation Return
  • Temporarily appointed to Deep Space 9, Fighter Wing Commander
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • Appointed Chief Flight Control Officer/ Second Officer- USS Indifatigable
  • Appointed Fighter Wing Commander and Second Officer- USS Hokkaido
  • Appointed Executive Officer- USS Hokkaido
  • Took part in the Battle for New Basra, Against the Independence Brigade
  • Injured in Combat, Awarded Purple Heart.
  • Promoted to Commander
  • Appointed Acting Chief Operations Officer and Executive Officer- USS Hokkaido
  • Requested Transfer to USS Predator
  • Demoted to Lieutenant Commander- Resigned rank of Commander.
  • Appointed Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer- USS Predator
  • Appointed Commanding Officer- USS Predator
  • Promoted to Commander
  • Enrolled in Fleet Advocates Course- Starbase 24
  • Graduated Fleet Advocates course and entered onto the roll of Fleet Advocates.
  • Promoted to Captain
  • Given Command of Task Group 47-B
  • Assigned as Senior Task Group Commanding Officer for Task Force 47
  • Removed from command to attend Court of Inquiry
  • Removed from Command of Task Group 47-B - As a Punishment (Court of Inquiry)
  • Appointed Commanding Officer - USS Endurance
  • Appointed Senior Ship Commanding Officer - Task Group 72-C
  • Given Command of Task Group 72-C
  • Retired
  • Returns to Active Service - Captain
  • Assigned Acting Commanding Officer - USS Ragnarok
  • Assigned Academy Vice Commandant - Star Fleet Command
  • Promoted to Commodore
  • Assigned Academy Commandant - 11th Fleet