USS Antarctic

USS Antarctic
Technical Details
Class: Galaxy-class
Registry: NCC-73490
Role: Cruiser
Status: Active (2388)
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Alan MonRoe
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Richard Blessed
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The USS Antarctic is a Galaxy-class Federation starship that in operation during the latter half of the 24th Century. It has served as the command of Captain Alan MonRoe for most of its service life, and is of one of the earliest batches of Galaxy class starships to be built.


Construction and Launch

The Antarctic had its keel laid at Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards in orbit of Mars in 2361. Construction was supervised by Commander Thy'lin Ketral, a senior engineering officer who worked with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Utopia Planetia for over fifteen years before retirement two yers after the completion of the Antarctic, upon which he also served as chief engineer. Many of the methods used in its construction were refined methods that had been tested on construction of the Enterprise-D and USS Galaxy, with the various issues encountered with those earlier vessels' construction already known.

In 2364, the neural parasites which had infected Starfleet Command gave orders through Admiral Quinn for the production on the Antarctic to be rapidly increased, and to be placed under the command of Commander Garel, who was to be promoted to captain. These orders were overturned after the parasite infiltration was halted by Captain Picard of the Enterprise, and construction continued on the original schedule.

The Antarctic was commissioned under the command of Captain Saros in 2365.


In 2367, the Antarctic was ordered to intercept a Borg Cube that was en-route to Earth. The ship was heavily damaged and left adrift in space, and was unable to stop the Cube, which would later go on to destroy 39 ships in the Battle of Wolf 359. Captain Saros was killed in the engagement, and Commander MonRoe stepped up to take command of the vessel's survivors. The former Operations Officer led the crew in the attempt to restore power to the ship's systems, enabling them to finally re-establish contact with Starfleet after the Enterprise had destroyed the Cube over Earth.

In the assessment of the aftermath of the Borg attack, Starfleet Command promoted MonRoe to Captain, and gave him permanent command over the Antarctic.

In 2371, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin J. Byrne was recruited to the crew as its first officer by Captain MonRoe as a replacement to his predecessor, joining the crew after a period of time stationed at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. The Antarctic was heavily involved in the Starfleet build-up in preparation for a war with the Dominion, enhancing the defences of key strategic worlds and shipyards. Commander Byrne left the ship's crew in 2373 to take command of the USS Hendrix after the declaration of war with the Dominion.

The Antarctic served Starfleet for the full span of the Dominion War, and emerged from the end intact, unlike many other ships during the war. She served in many major operations, including the First Battle of Chintoka, Operation Return, and the Battle of Cardassia. She was responsible for rescuing the survivors of the USS Hendrix, which had been destroyed during the latter stages of the battle. Lieutenant Commander Byrne returned to the ship as its first officer after the war's conclusion until he was once again given a command of his own in 2378. Captain MonRoe considers him a close friend.

In the years since the war's conclusion, the Antarctic underwent a major refit of a number of critical systems, joined in the aid efforts to both Cardassia and later Romulus, and most recently was assigned to the Tholian border regions, in response to a number of incidents occurring between the two powers.


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