Department of Research and Development

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The Department of Research and Development (R&D) is part of the command staff of Pegasus Fleet. The department is primarily responsible for the development of technical, anthropological, and historical documents for use by the members of the Fleet. The R&D department is headed by the Director of Research and Development, who also serves as a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

The department is subdivided into two primary groups: Starfleet Engineering and the Galactic Anthropology Committee.

Role of R&D in Pegasus Fleet

Originally, the R&D department was only responsible for the review and development of specifications for starships, stations, and support craft; and for the initial approval of new design proposals to be referred to Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. As the Fleet developed that role expanded to include approval of deviations to previously approved specifications and for management of starship classifications, equipment, and other technical documents.

Originally a separate Fleet department, the Galactic Anthropology Committee (GAC) was created to oversee creation of non-technical documents. These documents included articles on people, cultures, planets, governments, organizations, events and conflicts, and treaties. The GAC article approvement methods were based on the R&D system, and continued through both of the first two chairmen, Dr. Domenic Tyrell and Dr. Toras Selos. Both Dr. Tyrell and Dr. Selos served on the Pegasus Admiralty, but after the departure of Dr. Selos, the GAC was combined with R&D to form a single department under Director Emily Quinn.

The new combined department would integrate procedures from both of the original departments and expand the role of Starfleet Engineering, which has taken the place of what was originally the entire R&D department. Now R&D refers to the combined entity, the Research completed by the GAC while the Development is represented by Starfleet Engineering.

R&D Governed Content

Articles of all types are created for use by Pegasus Fleet and it’s members according to the department’s standing orders. Article types are categorized primarily by the following guidlines:

Documents managed by the Research and Development Department are as follows:

  1. Technical Documents
    • Standard Class Specifications for all starship, starbase, and support craft utilized by the Fleet
    • Standard and non-standard technology for use by installation and ship use (i.e. transporters, warp drive, ship-based weaponry)
    • Standard and non-standard equipment for personal use (i.e. tricorder, hand weaponry)
  2. GAC Documents
    • People (historical or current)
    • Species or Culture
    • Planets and Systems
    • Governments and Militaries
    • Organizations
    • Events and Conflicts
    • Treaties

Classification of Canon

Documents created and maintained by R&D and used by the Fleet are at various levels of canon. The following lists the accepted levels of canon.

  1. Star Trek Canon (established by the television and film series)
    • Information introduced by licensed works, including novels, comics, RPG sourcebooks, and video games are not considered canon unless introduced to the Fleet through one of the options below.
  2. Standard Class Specifications
  3. Fleet Canon
  4. Other technical documents
  5. GAC Articles

Standard Class Specifications are accepted as the highest value of accepted canon below what is established by the various Star Trek television series or films. All Pegasus Fleet member ships are expected to adhere to the approved specifications unless given explicit consent by the Director of R&D.

Fleet Canon is defined by articles created by the GAC that has been accepted as official canon by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. The officially stated rules regarding Fleet Canon is that individual ships are not required to follow the content if it contradicts their established plot. However, Fleet Canon is considered official when it comes to determination of Fleet story arcs and history.

All articles created by the GAC become GAC Articles once approved. GAC Articles can be accepted into simm canon by any member of Pegasus Fleet. However, before they will be included in any official story arcs or background, they must become Fleet Canon through the process outline in Section VI of the R&D Standing Orders.

Research and Development Staff

Director of R&D

  • Galactic Anthropology Committee

Current Projects

The following is an outline of projects currently pending approval or planned for completion.

Pending Articles

The following articles are available on the Pegasus Fleet Forums for review/approval.

Starfleet Engineering

  • No pending articles

Galactic Anthropology Committee

  • Dominion War

Planned Articles

The following articles are planned or currently in progress.

Starfleet Engineering

  • Cloaking Device

Galactic Anthropology Committee

  • Treaty of Bajor
  • Unnamed Treaty between members of Federation Alliance

Ship Specifications

Official Active Pegasus Fleet Ship Specifications
Carriers Lexington-class  
Corvettes Defiant-classDiligent-classSabre-classSentinel-classSteamrunner-class
Cruisers Akira-classAscension-classCheyenne-classExcalibur-classInsignia-classNebula-classNew Orleans-classPrometheus-classRonin-class
Destroyers Centaur-classMiranda-classWildcat-class
Explorers Century-classIntrepid-classLuna-classNorway-classNova-classNX-class
Ships-of-the-Line Ambassador-classExcelsior-Refit-classGalaxy-classSovereign-classVesta-class
Support Olympic-classGrommet-classRichardson-classWallace-classRaven-class
Starbases Ethereal-classNor-classRegula-classStardock-class
Shuttlecraft Hunley-class ShuttleType 5-class ShuttleType 6-class ShuttleType 7-class ShuttleType 8-class ShuttleType 9-class ShuttleType 10-class ShuttleType 11-class ShuttleType 15-class ShuttleType 17-class ShuttleWaverider-class Shuttle
Fightercraft KD-56 Gryphon-classPeregrine-classRazor-classScorpion MkII-classViper-class
Runabouts and Transports Argo-classArrowhead-classDanube-classDelta Flyer-classDragoon-classSentry-classSerenity-classTalon-class
Captain's Yachts AeroShuttle-classMark I-classMark II-class