Valkyrie Class

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Class Identification
Class: Valkyrie-class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Era/Universe: post-Nemesis (Prime)
Date Introduced: 2393
Size: Huge (1000-5000 meters)
Range: Long-range (3-5 years)
Role: Command Carrier
Projected Hull Life: 75 years
Time Between Resupply: 3-5 years
Time Between Major Refit: 10 years
Crew Compliment: 6,060 persons
Officers: 1,010 persons
Enlisted: 5,050 persons
Marines: Battalion (300-800 marines)
Starfighters: Wing (240-500 personnel; 48-100 craft) (x2)
Passengers: 1,000 persons
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 35,440 persons
Speed and Propulsion
“Efficient” Cruising Velocity: Warp 5.2
Maximum “Sustainable” Velocity: Warp 7.9
Emergency Velocity: Warp 8.9 (for 12 hours)
Propulsion Systems: Standard Deuterium-Fusion Impulse Drive
Linear Matter/Antimatter Warp Drive
Length: 2406 meters
Width: 1209 meters
Height: 605 meters
Decks: 172
Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebay: 30 (center hull, port, & starboard)
Launch Bay: 12 (center hull, top & bottom)
Docking Bay: 2 (aft, between impulse engines)

Captain's Yachts:

None (N/A)


None (may be equipped upon request)


Type 9 Shuttlecraft: 24
Type 11 Shuttlecraft: 12


Danube-class Runabout: 20

Scout Ships:

None (may be equipped upon request)

Science Craft:

None (may be equipped upon request)


Argo-class Transport: 8
Dragoon-class Transport: 38
Serenity-class Transport: 4

Ground Vehicles:

M-705 Battle Tank: 44


Gryphon-class Advanced Tactical Starfighter: 140
Viper-class Advanced Tactical Starfighter: 10

Maintenance Craft:

Workbee-class Cargo Management Unit: 140

Support Vessels:

Defiant-class Strategic Support Vessel: 2

Armament and Defensives
Defensive Systems:

Ablative Hull Armor
Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Structural Integrity Field

Shielding Systems:

High Capacity Shielding System


Type XIII Phaser Array: 27

Torpedo Types:

Point Defense Turret: 66
*Type U Pulse Phaser Cannon: 132 (2 per turret)
*Micro-Torpedo Launcher: 132 (2 per turret)
*Micro-Photon Torpedoes
Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4 (two forward, two aft)
*Photon Torpedoes

Special Systems:

None (N/A)

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Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

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