Alexandria Somers

Alexandria Lynne Somers
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235508.06 (6th August 2355)Age 38



Physical Description



140 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet Marine Corps







Played By:

Paul Davies

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Somers Family Coat of Arms Motto: "Once more unto the Breach"

Misc Information

Physical Description:-

  • Partner: Paul Sharpe Husband
  • Current Health status:Healthy
  • Blood type: AB+ (Her Father is B and her mother is AB)
  • Abilities:Recon/Adv Sniper
  • Weight: 9.5st
  • Hair: Red
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Peaches & Creme
  • Scars: Long Faint Scar left cheek (face hidden by her hair),Obtained in a Mek'Leth fight.
  • Tattoos: One Starfleet Marine Corps Spec Ops Tattoo on her upper right shoulder.
  • Build:Slim/curvy
  • Tone/Voice: Upbeat alto
  • Presence:As any other Human
  • Distinguishing Features:Bright Blue eyes
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Handedness: Right
  • Department: Marines
  • Callsign: Red Death
  • Ambitions: To make General some day
  • Strengths: Agile, quick study, experienced and highly trained warrior, confident, Alpha type Female mentality, trustworthy.
  • Weaknesses: Alpha Female Mentality, Trusting
  • Likes:Pizza, Lamb Kebab, Old Cartoons, romcoms and Musicals, Late 20th and Early 21st Century Clothes, especially Party type clothes.
  • DislikesMany things, only one gets singled out and that's her dislike and distrust of Starfleet Intelligence, whom she blames for her fatal missions near failure.
  • Her mental Disposition: Is that of a cheery sort with a Very Dark and sometimes downright sick sense of humour, which is not always appreciated, like all Spec Ops personnel she has a dark side, she was never a diplomatic person, she spoke her mind and usually had a knack for upsetting other Marine personnel, but in a fight she was as tough as the toughest Marine Starfleet had to offer, since her transfer to ship duty and being granted a field commission of ensign her Dark side has begun to crack, her latest adventure has weakened the emotional barrier she placed to hold in a bad memory from her past, Also she is not fond of her middle name.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Uncanny knack for getting out of tight situations, Loyal
  • Weakness: Like all Spec Ops personnel she has a dark side, she was never a diplomatic person, she spoke her mind and usually had a knack for upsetting other Marines, but it was usually in a good cause.


  • Partner: Paul Sharpe
  • Children: N/A
  • Father: Samuel Lloyd Somers (Age 60)
  • Mother: Jennifer Lynne Griffiths (Age 55)
  • Brother(s): John Lloyd Somers Elder Brother (Age 38)
  • Sister(s): Karyn Lynne Somers younger Sister (Age 31), Kathryn Somers little Sister (Age 18)
  • Other Family: All family living in Eurasian Territories on Earth
  • Uncle: David Lloyd Somers (age: 55)
  • Aunt: Alison Dennings (age: 50)
  • Cousin: Jasmine Lynne Somers CO USS Tomcat

Parental images

Colonel Samuel Somers Retd.

Samuel Somers father of Alexandria Somers was once a serving member of Starfleet Marine Corps, but since took optional retirement due to the fact that they wanted to put him behind a desk and as a career officer he did not like that idea, so he became a Mid-level diplomat to the Klingon Empire. The respect the Somers name got from the Klingon's was due to Sams heroics during the Dominion War when he and his squad came to the aid of a stranded Klingon parental Unit consisting of the old, weak and informed as well as young children too young to pick up a weapon on one of the few Klingon outer colony worlds to be invaded by the Dominion. It helped the Starfleet Officers a lot as the enemy were numerous and they managed to save all the people there, especially as some turned out to be members of the House of Martok and a couple of other High Council member families. It was this act that garnered the Somers family name with glory and honour, which exists to this day and all Klingons are told the story of a Starfleet Unit rescuing those who could not fight, while the same level of honour given to the family of Somers could not be the same level as that given to a Klingon House, the human family name became respected.

Samuels favourite pastimes is listening to Vintage music such as Classical and Jazz and tennis.

Jennifer Lynne Somers

Jennifer Lynne Griffiths is another diplomat in the family, unlike her husband, she is a higher level diplomat and is based on earth and attended Federation Council sessions. Jennifer was once a Fleet Officer attaining the rank of full Commander in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corpse, she retired from active service shortly after she found out she was pregnant with her daughter Alexandria and after a short time, she was offered a spot on the Federation Diplomatic Corpse member list. She started off as a diplomatic aide and quickly rose up the ladder. Her eldest Daughter Alexandria may get her Red hair from both ther parents who have darker red than their daughters and Alexandria may get her toughness from her father, but her etiquette training and all other aspects of a Diplomatic family training was given to her by Jennifer. She wanted her eldest to follow her into the Diplomatic arm of the Federation, but her eldest elected to serve on the frontlines, still Jennifer was proud of her daughter's accomplishments and supported her in what she was done.

Jennifer's favourite Pastimes is Jazz, vintage Rock and Pop, mountain climbing and singing.

Family Home

Somers Family Estate in the South Wales Countryside on Earth

The family home is situated on Fifteen Acres of South Wales Countryside, the estate has been in her family for generations, if Starfleet still used human currency then the Somers family would be considered rich and powerful, but in the 24th Century it was a sign that the family had influence and many a function was held there. Out the back it has a heated swimming pool and two tennis courts and an old fashioned slug thrower rifle range as Samuel and his eldest children liked firing vintage weapons. There is also a studio for Jennifer to practice her singing. The Estate staff are all holographic, except for the main house staff, all of which are organic Federation members and they either cook, clean, keep the house tidy and a few are butlers. The humanoid staff are considered part of the family and are treated with respect and fairly, but the family dress themselves and see to their own hygiene.

Alexandria Lynne Somers
Alexandria Lynne Somers

Alexandria at a section the rear rear of her family estate, white dress is what she changed into after her wedding to Paul Sharpe the light blue one at one of the many diplomatic functions she was forced to attend while on furlough. This is one of the Reasons as to why she has never gone home too much when she has shore Leave, she hates diplomatic functions and what they entail. The only time she enjoyed a function was on her wedding day.

Personal History

Alexandria Somers was born in the Eurasian Territories on Earth on Stardate 6th August 2355, she has been a life-long friend of Paul Sharpe and has seen his softer more human side. She excelled at basic training and passed her specialist training in record time, her base point average would have gotten her a commission to 2nd Lt, but she was not interested in a commission so she concentrated on Recon and Demolitions. In time she found that she was good at it, on her first mission, she was assigned to a more experienced Infiltration Team, this team had the job of taking out an Orion Syndicate Assassin, who had killed some important Federation Citizens. The mission was classed under the Plausible Deniability clause, this meant if they failed the team should they survive would be on their own. As it was the job was successful, Alexandria created and planted a focused explosive to the underside of the Assassins bed, the end results was broken windows and a smear of DNA matter spread through the destroyed room, the Assassin was one of the Syndicates best, his death shook them as they never found out who had done it. As a child Alexandria trained with Klingon weapons on Qo'noS and while not a Master level she is proficient with all Klingon weapons.

In time she found that she was good at it, on her first mission, she was assigned to a more experienced Infiltration Team, this team had the job of taking out an Orion Syndicate Assassin, who had killed some important Federation Citizens. The mission was classed under the Plausible Deniability clause, this meant if they failed the team should they survive would be on their own. As it was the job was successful, Alexandria created and planted a focused explosive to the underside of the Assassins bed, the end results was broken windows and a smear of DNA matter spread through the destroyed room, the Assassin was one of the Syndicates best, his death shook them as they never found out who had done it.

The team upon return to Federation Space was split up, Alexandria found herself posted to Betazed, she never saw her teammates again, eventually, she ended up on the USS Thunderchild on Assignment as the Liaison between Starfleet Security and the Marines. She wore a standard SFMC uniform, but she had a shoulder patch that other marines do not have, it was an SSO SFMC Division Patch, which she had to removed when she was posted to the USS Excalibur, she now wears a Standard Starfleet Uniform with Green shirt.

After her stint in Special Operations, she joined her Cousin's regiment, the 95th Rifles SFMC, where she earned her white cord of courage, which she proudly wears at the base of her shoulders on her duty uniform and when in Dress Uniform a white cord on her uniform upper left arm sleeve. While she has transferred from the Rifle regiment, through postings, like all earned awards, she is entitled to wear the white cord. Even though outside of the Rifles the decoration is a passing idle curiosity. Now she does standard SFMC duties but she will always remember her time in the Rifles as she looks forward to the future.


Brief Division Description

The Starfleet Special Operations are an Elite section of the Starfleet Marine Corps, they are trained to do things and go places that normal Starfleet Marines cannot do, like all other personnel they can be re-assigned, to any Outpost or ship.This is standard, but usually, when a Top Secret Mission goes wrong, the Marines involved get moved to Regular Starfleet Marines, whether if it's their fault or not, but those Marines are still bound by the Confidentiality of their Spec Ops Past. Alexandria knows certain things that other Regular Senior Starfleet Officers do not, this is only because she was once a Spec Ops Operative herself. Only the head of the Starfleet Marines can divulge what all Spec Ops Marines know.

Now Alex is a Regular Line Marine Officer, but she still has her training....

Fatal Mission Outline

While she was a Marine, she and a Starfleet Special Operations team were sent on a mission to destroy a facility that was genetically breeding enhanced Telepaths, one of the key sides to this were the Reman's. The start of the mission and execution was a textbook, but as things usually happen, the exit from the doomed base went south. One of the Genetically Enhanced Telepaths got loose and scrambled one of the Marines minds, this Marine was a close friend of Alex, she had fallen victim and was dead before she hit the ground. Alex broke down and tried to wake her, if not for an Andorian teammate dragging her away, all would have been captured. The enhanced Telepath was destroyed along with the facility, on the return to Federation space Alex was quiet and had withdrawn into herself.

After her debriefing, she was assigned to the USS Thunderchild, she had been classed unfit for the work she normally did due to the botched black Ops mission, so she became the Marine Liasion to the Security on a Starship, this is where her real story begins......... Flight Skills While being able to fly a Maul fighter, Alexandria's main flight qualifications lay in Shuttles, any shuttles currently used by Starfleet she can fly without problem. She prefers shuttles to a fighter, so is never quick to volunteer for Fighter duty.

Past Events:

While on shore leave and on a visit to her family estate Alexandria had a dream, it was one all her family had at a crucial point in their life. It told them when they would die, the rarer form also said how. Alex's one was a rare one and it affected her more than she realised and she went into a dark depression because of it.

Her Partner Paul Sharpe gave her a wake-up call and made her go to see a Counsellor for her issues. while she knew that there would likely be more visits to the Counsellor but in the wake of her first visit she visited the ship's barber and got her hair cut.

Events Mid 2392:

During her and her partner Paul Sharpe's shore leave she and a close friend got into a bar fight in a Klingon bar on earth, while the owner did not press charges and the losing Klingons also not pressing charges, Alexandria was still a Starfleet Officer and while the owner was compensated handsomely for the damaged caused by Alex and a friend, they both knew there would be fallout. While Sharpe intervened for his partner and friend, he could do no more, Alex still got punished and the friend was asked politely to leave the service, both would have gotten a more severe punishment, but due to their connection the friend got demobbed and Alex got the type of punishment that was unique to her.

As she was a combat vet and somewhat gung-ho, she was placed on duties that mostly involved dress uniform functions and as Aide to a Vulcan Ambassador, where she had to sit through meetings and in the Federation Council assemblage when required, at first she found this interesting, then after two full council sessions she found it tedious. While she did not fully trust Starfleet Intelligence Division, she had begun to come to terms with the past and chafed a little when she was assigned as Aide to an SFI Admiral; if it was not for her new duty she would have been bored silly.

Then she was introduced to a side of SFI that she did not know as a Marine Corporal all those years ago, over the following days and weeks she had begun to revise her opinion of SFI and come to appreciate that they were, to use an old human term 'Only Human' but these days, not all were human, but she realized that SFI was not infallible, so finally she came to terms and to peace with SFI and made some friends.

Weapons of Choice

AWM 338, designated L115A3 Working Replica

After finding out that Starfleet had recalled what few TR-116 rifles that were already in service back in favour of the Regenerative Phaser rifle, Alex was a little upset as she had her eye on one for a long time. So she looked into the history archives of the British Army from 1996 to 2050 and she came across the AWM 338 Sniper rifle, which was designated the L115A3 by the British Army of the time. obtaining the specs for both weapon, magazine and ammunition and using latest weaponry grade materials for making Phaser rifles she replicated a fully working rifle and practised with it on the range so she could get used to the weapon. She now only uses such weapon on ground-based missions, while her main profession is Recon she is also an expert sniper and uses the rifle's scope as to check her long-range objectives, usually minus the rifle.

  • Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lb) (.300 Winchester Magnum,)6.9 kg (15.1 lb) (.338 Lapua Magnum) with stock, bipod and empty magazine.
  • Length: 1200 mm (47.2 in) (.300 Win. Mag.,)1230 mm (48.4 in) (.338 Lapua Magnum.)
  • Barrel length: 660 mm (26 in) (.300 Win. Mag.,686 mm (27 in) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
  • Cartridge: .300 Winchester Magnum,.338 Lapua Magnum
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Effective firing range: 1,100 m (1,203 yd),(.300 Winchester Magnum,1,500 m (1,640 yd)(.338 Lapua Magnum)
  • Feed system: 5-round detachable box magazine
  • 'Sights: detachable aperture type iron sights, day or night optics.

All Data on the rifle was found here:

Mark XIX Desert Eagle Working Replicas Alex has two of these only both versions are shown

The Mk 19 Desert Eagle was one of the more powerful pistol weapons created, it had a strong recoil and a .357 bullet, this version of the Desert Eagle that Alex uses is a modified pistol its recoil has been dampened down by using the latest suppression modifications that are known in Starfleet, but they still have a hard recoil. These ones are made with modern materials, which are both extremely strong and lightweight, so while the specs are standard its working parts are made from the latest Starfleet metals. This MK 19 has an Extended Mag, the only advantage this gives is more ammunition can be loaded into the pistol. Currently, Alex uses two of these; the last time they were ever used was during the Bluegill Invasion on Duronis II, since then they have been framed and now act as ornaments, but they are still serviceable even though they are no longer used.

.357 specs
Phase Pistol Version
  • Length: with 6-inch (152 mm) barrel, 10.75 inches (27.3 cm)
  • Length: with 10-inch (254 mm) barrel, 14.75 inches (37.5 cm)
  • Height: 6.25 inches (15.9 cm)
  • Width: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
  • Trigger reach: 2.75 inches (70 mm)
  • Sight radius: (with 6-inch barrel), 8.5 inches (215 mm)
  • Weight w/empty magazine: 1998.6 grams (71.4 oz.)
  • Polygonal rifling: (right-hand twist), 1 turn in 14 inches (355 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 9 rounds
  • Bore diameter: .357" (9.1 mm)

All Data on this Model was found here:

TwinBlades.png<---Wazkashi Twin Blades Firstcontactrifle.png<---Regenerative Phaser rifle TR-116.png <----- TR 116 Rifle HandPhaser1.png<---Standard Hand Phaser 2377

Flight Skills

Maul fighter Training but no Fighter Combat training. Qualified to fly any Shuttle Starfleet can currently put into the field she has also recently trained to fly a dropship.

Martial Arts:-

  • Black Belt 4th Dan Karate
  • Klingon Martial Arts Level 3
  • Kickboxing Blue 4th Dan

Combat Skills

  • Basic Recon/Demolitions
  • Sharpshooting
  • Starfleet Basic Unarmed Combat
  • Klingon Bat'Leth Use (Experienced)
  • Klingon Mek'Leth Use (Advanced)
  • Klingon Dak'TagH Use (Expert)
  • Advanced infiltration and Extraction Techniques
  • Advanced Demolitions and Recon Techniques
  • Qualified and Cleared to Use TR-116 Rifle


    • Rock climbing
    • Holodeck combat Training
    • Swimming
    • Reading
    • Long Walks

Linguistic Skills

Alex has always had a knack for picking up and quickly being able to speak different languages.

Additional Training

After a short First Officer post on the USS Powell Alexandria returned to Earth to do some advanced Command Courses as she found she quite liked Command and the way her cousin Jasmine Lynne Somers was going with her rank she would eventually be too high to command a Starship like an Akira Class, so with her sights set on commanding the USS Tomcat on day she entered the Acadamies Advanced Command Course ready for when that day came. As they days turned into weeks and weeks into months Alex finally completed her Command Course and graduated a Lieutenant Colonel, now she had the terrible job of sitting behind a desk learning the Real Life part of Senior Command, she was told all new people of her rank who were marines had to do this as if they were to command a Starship, then they would need to know who other duties a ship commander would be required to do.

Service Record

NonCom History: Omitted, due to Black Ops background

  • 237301.09: - Field Commission to 2nd Lieutenant
  • 237305.01: - Assigned to USS Thunderchild as a Tactical Officer
  • 237501.01: - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant on the USS Thunderchild
  • 237608.01: - Assigned to the USS Excalibur as Security Officer
  • 237701.24: - Reassigned as Chief Of Marines on the USS Sovereign
  • 237901.01: - Assigned to Deep Space 5 Operations as both Marine Officer and Tactical Officer.
  • 238001.01: - Posted to Earth for further Training.
  • 238101.01: - Returns to Full Active Duty and returns to the USS Sovereign
  • 238201.01: - Promoted to Marine Captain and granted Marine Unit Leader status with 12 Men to command
  • 238303.01: - Reassigned to the USS Prometheus as Marine Officer
  • 238406.10: - Promoted to Major and assigned to Bajor as Marine Adviser
  • 238610.10: - Assigned to DS9 as MCO
  • 238702.10: - Returned to Earth for further training.
  • 238712.01: - Received New Posting to Starbase 218
  • 238812.01: - Posted to Starbase 218 as Marine Commanding Officer
  • 239007.05: - Posted to USS Niagara as Marine Executive Officer
  • 239007.27: - Resigned from Position as Marine XO USS Niagara took posting elsewhere.
  • 239008.01: - Given a Position in Bravo Unit as Marine Officer on the USS Tomcat at the rank of Marine Captain
  • 239009.25: - Posted to the USS Trafalgar as MCO at the rank of Marine Captain.
  • 239106.01 - 239205.08: - Assigned to Earth Marine Division (Extended Duty).
  • 239205.08: - Assigned to Starbase 332 as Commander of G Company Omega Squad 14th Btn SFMC.
  • 239210.15: - Took posting as First Officer on the USS Powell
  • 239306.20: - Reassigned to Earth for further Command Training