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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Torin Prax was a joined Trill, and the third host of the Prax symbiont from 2318 to 2333.

Torin Prax's life didn't include anything of significant note until two years after his joining, when a prisoner taken into custody by Kronat Prax died in his cell. The specifics behind the death are not known, but the prisoner's son, Mortath Quinta, held Prax responsible for his father's death. Despite the arrest occurring almost 30 years previous, and the fact that Kronat had died, Mortath held that the Prax symbiont itself was still responsible for his father's death, and the Quinta family joined him in a vengeance quest against it. Lacking confidence that the services on Trill would be able to adequately protect him, and lacking the high level of protection he had enjoyed as Kronat, Torin drew upon the experiences of his first host, and smuggled himself to Earth, where he felt safer and more importantly; hidden.

Torin Prax lived on Earth for the next ten years, under the name Torin Kan, living out a life as a simple civilian on the Federation homeworld. He became a fan of jazz music, and began learning how to play the saxophone, eventually progressing to play in jazz clubs all over the planet. In later years, he even ventured out to play in some of the Lunar colonies, contrary to the mindset he had when he first went to Earth; anywhere off the planet's surface back then was considered unsafe. Playing on the Lunar colonies proved to be a mistake, as an acquaintance of one of Mortath's brothers recognised the Trill, and reported his sighting to the family. Torin only found out about his cover being broken when he saw Mortath on the streets of San Francisco, and decided then and there that he needed to get off-planet. The only place he felt safe after that was on a Federation starship or starbase, and so he applied to join Starfleet as an enlisted man, knowing the long training period for an officer. Taking a berth on the first ship he could find, Torin was later killed when a plasma conduit exploded during a battle. The Prax symbiont was injured in the explosion, and whilst it lived, the only way for it to continue doing so would be for the symbiont to be implanted in a new host immediately.

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