USS Washington NCC-82163

USS Washington
Technical Details
Class: Sovereign
Registry: NCC-82163
Role: Explorer
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Aishel Enor
Executive Officer: Commander Deke Franklin
Second Officer: Lieutenant Damion Wolfe
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Washington is a Sovereign class explorer and is currently under the command of Captain Aishel Enor and her executive officer, Commander Deke Franklin. The previous ships bearing the name were named after President George Washington of the United States of America, not each other and so do not share a registry number.

Captain Aishel Enor is the first Commanding Officer that the USS Washington has had. She was originally placed in the 12th Fleet also known as Andromeda Fleet under Vice Admiral Tim Newman and based at Starbase Thyla, she went out to explore. Upon completion of her first mission, she was transferred to the 11th Fleet, or Pegasus Fleet under the command of Admiral Roman Sanchez and is now setting forth into the unknown Galactic South, where a young crew will be tried and tested. Upon Enor's promotion to Captain, the Washington was now the flagship for Task Group A, Hyperion. However, Enor felt that it was too much too fast, and she stepped down from Task Group Commander to let a more seasoned captain have the job.


Former Crew

Command Previously
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Aishel Enor
First Officer R-o5.png Commander Deke Franklin
  • Commander Kejal Buris
  • Second Officer R-o3.png Lieutenant Damion Wolfe
  • Commander Deke Franklin
  • Lieutenant Martin Tam
  • Flight Control Previously
    Chief Flight Control Officer R-o2.png Position Open - APPLY TODAY!
  • Lieutenant JG Samson J Herat
  • Security and Tactical Previously
    Chief of Security Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Connor Blake
  • Lieutenant Martin Tam
  • Operations Previously
    Chief Operations Officer Y-o2.png Position Open - APPLY TODAY!
  • Lieutenant JG Pamela Roth
  • Lieutenant JG Malcom Caparzo
  • Lieutenant JG Arlen Opran
  • Assistant Chief Operations Officer Y-o1.png Ensign Kela Sirel PNPC
    Operations Officer Y-o1.png Ensign Gabrielle Cross PNPC
    Engineering Previously
    Chief Engineer Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Shawn Hughes
  • Lieutenant Deke Franklin
  • Lieutenant JG Jonathon J Kearns
  • Engineer Y-o1.png Ensign Harry Perlman
  • Chief Petty Officer Zane Keelan
  • Engineer Y-o1.png Ensign Lien Ming PNPC
    Science Previously
    Chief Science Officer T-o3.png Lieutenant Mignon Mejia
  • Lieutenant JG D'Espall Ranor
  • Assistant Chief Science Officer T-o1.png Position Open - APPLY TODAY!
  • Ensign Diego A. Nunez PNPC
  • Ensign Augustus Octavio
  • Medical and Counselling Previously
    Chief Medical Officer T-o2.png Lieutenant JG Drass Zee M.D.
  • Lieutenant T'Stala
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer T-o2.png Lieutenant JG M'Learrea Furukawa Lieutenant JG Omar Anoke
    Chief Counselor T-o2.png Lieutenant JG M'Learrea Furukawa
  • Lieutenant JG Louise Hamilton
  • Lieutenant JG T'Kai
  • Lieutenant JG Omar Anoke
  • Nurse T-e5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Randy Jackson
  • Ensign Netolia
  • Emergency Medical Hologram T-blank.png EMH Mark IX "Nina" (NPC)
    Intelligence Previously
    Chief Intelligence Officer S-o3.png Lieutenant Damion Wolfe
  • Warrant Officer Elizabeth Cole
  • Ensign Jayden J Sullivan
  • Civilians Previously
    Lounge Manger W-blank.png Tannenn Locke
  • Aurora Smith
  • Chef W-blank.png Chaka PNPC
  • Dolen
  • Previous Crew

    Previous crew not listed above:
  • Staff Warrant Officer Kevin Harris, Master-At-Arms

  • As of 1 January 2012, the Washington will no longer have a Diplomatic Department.

    Ship History

    The Washington has a long and proud history. She and her lineage were named after the first president of the United States of America, George Washington.

    George Washington was the most famous American general of the American Revolutionary War. Because of his strategy, Revolutionary forces captured two major British armies at Saratoga in 1777 and Yorktown in 1781. Today, two Federation ships are named after those battles. After the war was over, he returned to his plantation in Virginia, causing his enemy, King George III of Britain, to call him "the greatest character of the age". He presided over the Constitutional Convention, in which the United States Constitution was drafted and later the first ten amendments, also called the Bill of Rights. Throughout that nation's history, he was still considered one of greatest presidents that nation-state ever had.

    USS George Washington


    Affiliation: United States of America
    Commissioned: 1798
    Length: 150m
    Deck count: 4
    Max. speed: 5 Knots
    Crew Compliment: 40
    Commanded by: Captain Patrick Fletcher


    USS George Washington Sloop

    The George Washington was built as a merchant vessel at Providence, R.I., in 1793; purchased by the Congress at Providence 12 October 1798 from John Brown and John Francis for use in the developing undeclared naval war (the so-called Quasi-War) with France, and converted to a warship under the supervision of Captain Silas Talbot with Captain Patrick Fletcher in command.

    She served for a year in the Caribbean protecting American trading ships and American merchants before being reassigned to Rhode Island for extensive repairs. The ship underwent repairs and was again fitted to be a merchant hauler ship. She was sold in May 1802 by a Navy Agent in Philadelphia.

    USS George Washington ID-3018


    Troop Carrier
    Affiliation: United States of America, Earth
    Commissioned: 1917
    Length: 400m
    Deck count: 24
    Max. speed: 20 Knots
    Crew Compliment: 800
    Commanded by: Cmdr Benjamin Wilder


    Initially an ocean liner, USS George Washington ID-3018 was put into the service of the United States Navy and the United States Army during the first world war. She was not used as a battle ship but rather a troop transport due to her design as a cruise liner. During World War II, she was used by the British Empire under Lend-Lease, but her coal engines were too slow for effective use in the warship standards of the day. She was put into regular service in 1944-1947 in the British Empire and the Mediterranean. A fire in January 1951 damaged the ship severely, and led to the ship being used for scrap in the following months.

    USS George Washington SSBN-598


    Affiliation: United States of America, Earth
    Commissioned: 1957
    Length: 200m
    Deck count: 6
    Max. speed: 20 Knots
    Crew Compliment: 80
    Commanded by: Capt Charles Summers


    Commissioned at Groton Connecticut, the third ship to carry the name of George Washington was a ballistic missile submarine. Originally sent to patrol the border of the United States, she completed a patrol after 66 days and docked at New London Connecticut. She was sent to a second patrol before heading to Holy Loch, Scotland. In April 1981 she surfaced underneath a Japanese cargo ship in the East China Sea. This led to a straining of Japanese-United States relations. It is unclear as to what exactly happened, but the United States never offered a reason as to why the submarine was there.

    In 1982, the George Washington was sent to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The following year her missiles were removed to comply with the SALT I treaty. She made 55 patrols in her 25 year career.

    USS George Washington CVN-73


    Aircraft Carrier
    Affiliation: United States of America, Earth
    Commissioned: 1995
    Length: 240m
    Deck count: 20
    Max. speed: 50 Knots
    Crew Compliment: 400
    Commanded by: Captain Kevin Dunn


    The USS George Washington CVN-73 was an aircraft carrier in the United States Navy based out of Japan. Her maiden voyage was on the 50th anniversary of D-Day when she was sent to the Persian Gulf to be part of a peacekeeping force in the Middle East of Earth. The Iraqi government was invading Kuwait, a smaller nation-state, and started to pull back once the George Washington entered the Red Sea.

    Her second mission was a diplomatic one, host to a conference between warring parties. Negotiations were long and tedious. The ship also had a peacekeeping role in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also enforce the "No Fly Zone" in Iraq.

    She spent a good six missions in the Earth's Middle East and then headed to Virginia for refit and resupply in 2005.

    In 2006 The George Washington was sent to the Caribbean to participate in "Partnership of the Americas" which was a joint effort of the United States and South American nation-states to cut back on the narcotic trade. It failed dismally. The George Washington then sailed around South America, with a stop over in Hawaii, to go to Japan. In the transit around South America, a fire started onboard that injured 37 sailors. The fire was caused by unauthorized smoking in a room where 115 gallons of flammable refrigeration compressor oil was stored. 13000 Japanese protested in the streets of the city, saying the ship was unsafe.

    The commanding officer and executive officer were held before a court martial.

    The ship was decommissioned in 2021. This was the last ship to bear the name USS George Washington.

    USS Washington NX-14


    NX class
    Affiliation: United Earth Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2152
    Length: 225m
    Deck count: 7
    Max. speed: Warp 5
    Crew Compliment: 80
    Commanded by: Capt Rachel Yarborough


    The NX class Washington was the first United Earth ship to carry that proud name in over 100 years. She was a diplomat but also an explorer and set out to find new life. They found Earth's first contact with a protocloud, a swirling mass of multi-colored clouds that gives birth to stars. In 2156 the NX Washington entered her first battle: the Earth-Romulan War had begun, the USS Washington taking part. In 2160 the Treaty of Algeron was signed via subspace communications though no direct face to face contact occurred.

    60 years later, the Washington was getting old and starting to become outdated and Starfleet was developing two new classes of ships: the Constitution and the Constellation. Once the building of these ships was complete, Starfleet decommissioned the NX class.

    USS Washington NCC-1609


    Soyuz class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2231
    Length: 243m
    Deck count: 18
    Max. speed: Warp 6
    Crew Compliment: 285
    Commanded by: Cmdr Tomas Hernandes


    The Soyuz class USS Washington was built for a single purpose: to explore. The Washington served with distinction into the early 24th century, changing commanders along the way and in 2302 the Washington was involved in a heavy skirmish with the Romulans. In a one-on-one fight between a Soyuz class and a Romulan warbird, it would be a draw. With an experienced Romulan commander and a young Starfleet captain at the two helms, there was no hope. The crew escaped into escape pods and shuttlecraft and were forced to watch while their friends died with the ship.

    USS Washington NCC-23354


    Excalibur class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2331
    Length: 467m
    Deck count: 24
    Max. speed: Warp 8.5
    Crew Compliment: 800
    Commanded by: Capt James Denning


    The name was retired until 2331 when Starfleet named one of the new ships coming out of the yards Washington. An Excelsior class, she was launched in 2332 and set out to explore deep space. She was the first to encounter the Menarans, a race of people without vocal chords who communicated purely by color and she served during the Border Wars with the Cardassians and fought at Wolf 359. She was at the First and Second Battles of Chin'toka, and the Battle of Deep Space Nine and met her demise at the Battle of Cardassia, in a face off against the Jem'Hadar. The surviving crew was rescued and brought back to Federation space. The name was again retired and has not been brought out again.

    Until now.

    USS Washington NCC-82163


    Sovereign class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2386
    Length: 685m
    Deck count: 24
    Max. speed: Warp 9.7
    Crew Compliment: 855
    Commanded by: Capt Aishel Enor


    The name of Washington has been bestowed upon a new ship, a ship certain to do honor to her lineage. As a Sovereign, this new Washington is an explorer and a diplomat, much like her namesake. Her captain and crew aim to be the best at what they do, and to strive to always be better than they were before.


    USS Washington Missions by Year
    2387 New BeginningsTransphasic Trouble
    2388 Transphasic TroubleShoreleave At 14Trading InsultsRest and RepairWargames
    2389 WargamesConduits and Connectivity

    USS Washington Missions by Type
    Main Missions New BeginningsTransphasic TroubleTrading InsultsWargamesConduits and Connectivity
    Shoreleave Missions Shoreleave At 14Rest and Repair
    Upcoming Missions The Opening Battle
    Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
    Guest Appearances None
    Miscellaneous Missions None





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